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The Orangetheory “Catch Me If You Can” Workout Puts Members to the Test

Orangetheory Fitness has carved out a unique niche in the fitness industry with it’s high-intensity interval training workouts designed to ramp up member’s metabolisms and promote maximum calorie burn. One of the brand’s most intense workouts to date is the Catch Me If You Can template, offered for special events or benchmarks. This workout lives up to it’s name by pushing participants harder than ever.

What Makes Orangetheory Workouts So Effective

Several key factors combine to make Orangetheory’s hour-long workouts so productive:

  • Group Fitness Environment – Working out alongside teammates provides both camaraderie and accountability. Members push each other to give maximum effort.
  • High-Intensity Focus – Short bursts of intense cardio and strength training keep heart rates elevated for maximum calorie and fat burn.
  • Heart Rate-Based Training – Members wear heart rate monitors and stay within personalized splat point training zones matched to their fitness levels.
  • Science-Backed Methodology – Workouts utilize periodization principles and are structured for both cardio and strength gains.

Over 1,300 locations across the globe offer a consistent Orangetheory workout experience led by enthusiastic coaches guiding members to surpass perceived limits.

What is the “Catch Me If You Can” Workout?

Catch Me If You Can takes the intense intervals that define the Orangetheory experience and supercharges them. This advanced workout pushes speed, strength and endurance to the limit over the course of one hour.

Members traverse between stations on treadmills, rowing machines and floor exercises. They push into anaerobic zones for short intense bursts then recover before attacking the next dang exercise. Pace is key as they race to “catch” their coaches setting demanding pace standards on the treads.

Catch Me If You Can Exercises Focus on Speed

The Catch Me If You Can template is all about speed. Members move rapidly between different stations, keeping their heart rates elevated. Key exercises incorporated often include:

Treadmill Intervals

  • 30-second all-out sprints – Members explode into maximum speed pushing beyond comfort zones. Form breaks down near the end spurring coaches on.
  • 1-minute walk recoveries – Chests heave fighting to recover before the next sprint starts. Walking feels luxurious before the next onslaught begins.
  • 90-second run for distance – Having caught their breath, members resume running aiming to hit 0.25 mile or more before time expires.
  • Rinse and repeat – Over 20 minutes, intervals continue between sprints, walking and distance efforts working cardiovascular capacity to the limits.

Rower Bursts

The rower offers no break either:

  • 500 meter rows – Pulling the handles rapidly towards their chests, members crank through 500 meters seeking personal bests.
  • 10/15 second recovery rows – Rest here is deceiving as lightly rowing still elevates the heartbeat before…
  • Another 500 meter repeat – And members pull fiercely through another grueling 500 meters.

Strength Training Focused on Speed

Finally, the floor caters to muscle gains:

  • Fast-paced circuits – Minimal rest makes lifting efficiently critical before the next exercise begins.
  • High reps using bodyweight or light dumbbells – Rep counts reach over 20 for squats, lunges, planks and other plyometric moves.
  • Rapid transitions between stations – Members must hustle to complete all exercises as coaches monitor time.

The entire Catch Me If You Can Template constantly pushes pace for a workout that leaves members collapsed on the floor or gingerly walking the halls at completion, proud survivor sweatshirts surely earned.

What are the Goals of the Catch Me If You Can Workout?

As a signature workout, Catch Me If You Can aims to:

  • Test member’s limits – Coaches design the workout as an immense challenge even for experienced members. “Catching” the coache’s pace leads all but elite athletes to reach maximum effort.
  • Introduce anaerobic/VO2 max training – By extending maximum intensity intervals, coaches prompt short anaerobic energy system efforts helping to increase VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) over time.
  • Promote community bonding – The shared challenge reinforces the communal spirit binding members who are united in surviving such an extreme routine. Veterans return to mentor newer members.
  • Spotlight member progress – Having a standardized template offered 1-2 times per year allows members to benchmark against prior Catch Me If You Can performances.
  • Build excitement – Specialty workouts break monotony helping energize members to keep reaching new milestones. Catch Me If You Can generates buzz with both first-timers and repeat marathoners.

This solid mix of physiological and social incentives helps packed classes fly by despite the nonprofit leaving participants completely spent.

Catch Me If You Can Introduces New Equipment

Orangetheory coaches have plenty of tools to push members harder during Catch Me If You Can sessions:

Revolutionary Treadmills

Look no further than the high-performance Woodway treadmills lining studio walls as Exhibit A.

Woodway manufacturers partner specially with Orangetheory to create the ideal treadmills for their workouts complete with:

  • Top speeds over 15 mph – No jogging here! Members sprint near world-class velocity.
  • Declines down to a -6% grade – Negatively inclined sprints increase strength with the Landice sharing this capacity.
  • Instant acceleration – Compact motors rapidly reach set speeds enabling fast interval pace changes.
  • Cushioned shock absorption – Critical for joint protection on intense interval runs.

These innovative Woodway treadmills empower coaches to program wildly ambitious sprint sessions knowing the equipment can handle member’s hardest efforts.

Watt Rate Rowers

On rowing days, the sleek Concept 2 Model D rower awaits members with it’s own performance advantages:

  • Air resistance design – The faster and harder members row, the more fan air resistance responds in turn.
  • Watt rate measurement – Shows exact power output, quantifying efforts for competition.
  • Flexible resistance controls – Coaches can reduce air flow to increase resistance levels.
  • Easy storage – Rowers fold vertically to conserve space when switching to floor exercises.

Tracking steady improvements on rower wattage gives members another progress benchmark to pursue.

Dumbbells, BOSU Balls and Bodyweight Moves

The floor sees members incorporate equipment like:

  • Dumbbells – For traditional moves like curls, presses, lunges and squats done for high volumes.
  • Medicine balls – Throwing, overhead slams and partner drills promote power.
  • BOSU trainer – The dome apparatus with balance board underneath works coordinative abilities.
  • Just bodyweight – Push-ups, mountain climbers and burpees galore!

This versatile combination allows coaches to program functional training, plyometrics and straight weight-training for full-body adaptation.

What Results Can Members Expect?

While individual response always varies based on effort, attendance and nutrition, Orangetheory promises members can expect to:

  • Burn 500-1,000 calories per session – High expenditure comes from elevated heart rates sustained over 60 minutes.
  • Increase cardiovascular capacity – Interval training extending time in anaerobic zones boosts VO2 max levels over months.
  • Build metabolism-boosting muscle – Strength circuits fuse cardio and resistance training for efficient fat-blasting gains.
  • Lose body fat – Most members lose six pounds of fat in first six weeks then continue descending trendlines.
  • Gain confidence – Triumphing over daunting trials gives members self-assurance carryover effects.

The more frequently members attend, the quicker these benefits accumulate according to agency-funded research.

Who Takes on the Catch Me If You Can Workout?

Given it’s sheer difficulty, Catch Me If You Can classes see three main member archetypes:

1. New Members Looking to Prove Themselves

Optimistic rookies primed by marketing hype often select Catch Me If You Can sessions for their free introductory workouts. They gamely attempt to rise to coache’s challenges only to often find humbling results.

Still, those who return wiser for the wear appreciate having an aspirational goal to progress towards. Catch Me If You Can inspires beginners to incrementally improve until they someday “catch” their coaches.

2. Elite Members Chasing Performance Highs

At the other end, seasoned veterans consistently attending 4-5 days a week take pride in excelling at specialty workouts. Often collegiate or even professional athletes, they boast exceptional speed and endurance.

Catch Me If You Can offers a constructive outlet allowing these athletes to test limits. They turn treadmills to maximum incline, hold all-out pace longer and lift heavier than peers.

Coaches design the template knowing the workout can actually challenge even genetic outliers. Narrowly completing all runs, rows and reps feeds elite competitor’s passions.

3. Special Event Visitors Bonding Over Shared Struggle

Occasionally tourists stopping by out of curiosity or friends supporting members fill out Catch Me If You Can classes. Much like charity endurance events, shared suffering bonds these temporary teammates.

Initially hesitant, new faces access heretofore untapped resolve to survive the onslaught alongside regulars. They emerge feeling part of the community with a new standard of accomplishment.

And so Catch Me If You Can transforms one-off visitors into potential lifelong loyalists just as adeptly as refining red-line intensity for seasoned experts.

Catch Me If You Can Benchmark Marks Progress

The Catch Me If You Can workout also serves as a milestone both studios and individual members can use to quantify increasing prowess.

For example, Orangetheory tracks and publishes class averages for metrics like:

  • Distance covered – How many miles members run or row together in total
  • Calories burned – The extra fuel everyone expends pushing pace
  • Splat points earned – Time training in elevated heart rate zones

Seeing these totals rise ever higher motivates members that their culture of effort pays tangible dividends.

Equally, members love comparing personal marks in areas like rower average 500-meter split times or tread distances reached during intervals.

PRs during Catch Me If You Can become proud emblems symbolizing months of hard work culminating in newfound capacities once deemed impossible.

Catch Me If You Can Showcases Signature Coaching

Just as members reach new heights at Catch Me If You Can events, coaches equally shine while performing their duties leading the workout. Management often encourages studios to schedule the template for weekends knowing the infectious enthusiasm coaches summon during the class captivates members.

Successful Head Coaches excel by:

  • Strategizing workshop layout – They script tread, rower and floor stations sequencing maximizing flow and intensity.
  • Demonstrating proper form – Coaches model ideal running mechanics, rowing postures and lift execution critical for injury prevention.
  • Pacing intervals effectively – They increase speeds and shorten rest periods as the workout progresses to elicit peak effort.
  • Personalizing encouragement – Catching member’s eyes, coaches inspire individual members to exceed perceived capabilities.
  • Celebrating achievements – Through fist bumps, high fives and cheering, they recognize members reaching new milestones.

The collective ebullience powered by a coach guiding a Catch Me If You Can session generates an unforgettable experience that bonds members to Orangetheory for the long-term.

Catch Me If You Can Drives Orangetheory Growth

Catch Me If You Can has proven an effective system-wide promotion capitalizing on people’s innate competitiveness while Orangetheory scales globally. The workout epitomizes everything Orangetheory promises as the “best one-hour full-body workout in the world” complete with science-backed physiological enhancements led by coaches who scale Everest everyday.

Classes fill routinely thanks to Catch Me If You Can’s notoriety with waitlists common for the workout. Members view conquering the routine’s daunting agenda both as rite of passage and point of personal pride.

These triumphs contribute to extremely high retention levels as endorphins and emotions run high in the wake of achieving such ambitious feats. Catch Me If You Can finishes cement members as lifelong devotees eager to inspire the next classes of newcomers.

The whole platform fuels Orangetheory’s rapid expansion as new regions continue opening locations at blistering paces to satisfy demand. All trends point upwards highlighting how effective an innovation Catch Me If You Can has become for the brand since it’s inception just a few short years ago. What started as an experiment now epitomizes the ethos binding a growing community.


What is the Catch Me If You Can workout?

Catch Me If You Can is one of Orangetheory’s most challenging and intense workouts. It incorporates short bursts of high-intensity cardio and strength training with minimal rest intervals. Participants rotate rapidly through treadmill sprints, rowing intervals and complex floor exercise circuits aiming to “catch” their coache’s pace.

How long is the Catch Me If You Can workout?

Like all Orangetheory workouts, Catch Me If You Can lasts 60 minutes from start to finish.

Can a beginner take a Catch Me If You Can Class?

While anyone can register since all fitness levels are welcome, the class moves extremely fast from the start. Novices may struggle with both physical demands and learning proper form. Beginners may see better initial results from standard templates to develop baseline conditioning before attempting specialty benchmarks.

Do certain members love the Catch Me If You Can workout?

Yes! Competitive athletes pursuing new personal records and milestones consistently take and excel at Catch Me If You Can classes which cater well to their talents. They set the pace pushing other members to ascend to higher levels.


While Catch Me If You Can workouts test physiological limits, more importantly, they showcase that human willpower always trumps perceived physical ceilings. Members shocked by how far they can push themselves walk away with expanded ideas of their abilities.

Orangetheory harnesses endorphins and connections sparked by the template to fuel an entire business empire. Experiencing coaches and teammates carry athletes achieving more together than imagined possible becomes deliciously addictive.

So if you see an Orangetheory studio with a Catch Me If You Can class on the schedule, know that session promises to create breakthroughs and bonds calcifying members for life. Just try keeping up!

Dr. Preeti (Fitness Geek)
Dr. Preeti (Fitness Geek)
M.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition), Therapist, Dietitian and Weight Management consultant, actively practicing for 17 years.

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