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Anytime Fitness Guest Pass How to Get the Most Out of It

Fitness centers can be intimidating places, especially for those who are new to working out or unfamiliar with gym equipment and routines. However, a guest pass from Anytime Fitness provides a comfortable, no-pressure way to check out their facilities and experience their friendly community focus.

What is Anytime Fitness?

Founded in 2002, Anytime Fitness is an international franchise of over 4,000 24-hour co-ed fitness clubs. Their convenient hours, affordable memberships and judgment-free philosophy have helped them become one of the world’s fastest growing gym chains.

Anytime Fitness aims to provide a welcoming environment for all, from beginners to experienced gym-goers. Their facilities contain a full range of strength and cardio equipment and some locations offer amenities like tanning beds, hydromassage loungers and certified personal trainers.

Benefits of an Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

A guest pass grants you access to test out an Anytime Fitness location for a day or week, depending on the policy. Visiting as a guest has many advantages:

Try before you buy membership – Use the machines, attend classes, check cleanliness and get a feel for the atmosphere before committing.

Work out anywhere – Guest passes allow you to visit Anytime Fitness gyms worldwide. So if you’re traveling, you can maintain your fitness routine.

Motivation to get active – Knowing you can work out for free might provide the push you need to finally start exercising.

Flexible timing – With 24/7 access, you can find a time that suits your schedule. Attend at off-peak hours to avoid crowds.

Who is Eligible for a Guest Pass?

Anytime Fitness welcomes guests ages 12 and up. Those under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver. Upon entering, guests provide photo ID and complete a release form.

To be granted a guest pass, you cannot:

  • Be a member at any Anytime Fitness location
  • Have been an Anytime Fitness member previously
  • Have used a guest pass with them within the last 6 months

Essentially, the guest pass exists to introduce new people to Anytime Fitness. Those with current or recent memberships are ineligible.

How to Get an Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

Contact your local Anytime Fitness club to inquire about their guest policy. Eligible visitors can obtain guest passes in a few ways:

In-person request – Stop by the front desk at the gym during staffed hours to ask for a pass. Have your photo ID ready.

Online form request – Some clubs have request forms on their website that you would complete with your contact and availability details.

Referred by a member – Anytime Fitness members often have guest passes to share with friends and family seeking to test out the gym.

Company promotion – Occasionally Anytime Fitness runs deals like a 7-day pass for new guests who tour the facility.

Community events – Clubs sometimes offer free 1-day passes at local health fairs, races, festivals and farmers markets to drive interest.

If unsure, don’t hesitate to call or email your nearest location to ask about current guest pass policies. The staff wants to introduce you to Anytime Fitness and will happily provide information.

What’s Included in an Anytime Fitness Guest Pass?

When you visit as a short-term guest, your pass grants you access to all the same amenities and equipment that standard members enjoy.

You can exercise however you wish within the gym during their 24/7 operating hours. That means using Strength machines, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and any other cardio or strength equipment.

Most clubs also offer perks like tanning beds, massage chairs, saunas, hydromassage loungers and certified personal training. And of course, restrooms, locker rooms and showers are at your disposal.

Guests must bring their own lock for using lockers and their preferred workout attire. Anytime Fitness provides towels, cleaning wipes and water. They may also have fruit or protein bars available for purchase.

Guest Check-In Process and Expectations

When you enter an Anytime Fitness club as a first-time guest, you can expect the following process:

  • Show your photo ID at the front desk
  • Review and sign a liability waiver if you haven’t already
  • Receive a tour highlighting amenities and equipment
  • Get assistance with lockers, bathrooms, towels, etc.
  • Ask any questions about proper machine usage
  • Enjoy your workout at your own pace
  • Return towels, wipe down equipment after use and rehydrate

Anytime Fitness staff and members aim to uphold an atmosphere of inclusion and support. Please treat the facilities and community with the same respect.

As a guest, you agree to abide by all gym policies and rules. This prohibits inappropriate, dangerous or malicious behavior. You use all equipment and amenities at your own risk.

If any medical conditions could impact your ability to exercise safely, please inform staff for your own health and wellbeing.

Guest Pass Differences By Location

Though most Anytime Fitness clubs welcome guests, their specific policies can vary. When contacting your local gym, ask these key details:

Duration: 1-day, 3-day or 7-day. Duration often depends on source (member referral, promotion, etc.)

Age minimum: Usually 12 or 16 years old. Those under 18 need waivers signed by a parent/guardian.

Cost: Most passes are free, but some clubs charge $5-20 for multi-day passes.

Blackout dates: Holidays or peak times when passes are not valid.

Hours: Some locations prohibit late night guest access (e.g. 11 pm to 5 am).

Amenities: Confirm what’s included or excluded for guests, like towels, lockers, classes, etc.

Reservations: Whether walk-ins are allowed or if you must schedule your visit in advance.

Making the Most of Your Guest Pass

A complimentary Anytime Fitness pass presents a prime opportunity to experience their gyms stress-free. Follow these tips to maximize your trial:

Pack workout clothes/shoes – Dress like you plan to exercise so you’re ready to hop onto machines.

Bring a lock – Secure your personal items in a locker during your workout.

Arrive early – Beat crowds if you prefer privacy or want staff availability to assist you.

Review layout online – Familiarize yourself with equipment and amenities offered at that location.

Time yourself – Use your pass duration fully by calculating hours carefully rather than cutting it short.

Ask questions – Have staff demonstrate proper usage of unfamiliar equipment so you avoid injury.

Meet the community – Introduce yourself to members to get their take on the gym’s culture.

Take a group class – Participate in included fitness classes like Zumba or yoga if interested.

Provide feedback – Let staff know what you enjoyed or suggestions to improve the guest experience.

Pros and Cons

24/7 access fits any scheduleMonthly fees can add up
Locations worldwide for travelingSpecific locations may be small or crowded
No long-term contractsMay need separate memberships for certain perks
Variety of fitness equipmentStaff less available overnight
Gym amenities like tanning, massageExtra charges for personal training
Motivating group fitness classesPremium membership required for all gym access
Judgement-free environmentEquipment reservation policies
Affordable monthly ratesLocker rooms are mixed-gender
Discounts for families/studentsGuests can access during all open hours
Clean, well-maintained gyms
Friendly, supportive member community

Joining Anytime Fitness after Your Trial

When your guest pass expires, Anytime Fitness will likely contact you regarding membership options. Guest passes mainly serve as a starting point to convert visitors into members.

If you see yourself working out consistently at Anytime Fitness, joining may prove worthwhile. Weigh the pros and cons of investing in a membership based on your budget, schedule, habits, fitness level, priorities and needs.

Anytime Fitness offers flexible, no-contract memberships on a month-to-month basis. Payment automatically renews monthly via the payment method you provide unless you cancel through written notice.

You can join online or in-club. Costs vary by location but expect around $35-65 per month for one club with discounts for paying annually or joining as a family or student. Higher price points grant you access to all Anytime Fitness gyms worldwide.

Will an Anytime Fitness membership enhance your path toward better health? Take advantage of a guest pass to find out risk-free before you decide.


How much do guest passes cost?

Most are free, but some locations charge $5-20 depending on duration. Members can also gift passes to friends.

What are the requirements to get a guest pass?

Must be 12+ or 16+ at some locations. Can’t be a current/past member or have used a pass in the last 6 months. Must provide photo ID and sign a liability waiver.

Can I visit any Anytime Fitness location with my guest pass?

Policies vary, but some passes allow access to multiple clubs. Out-of-state guests may have restricted access. Check with each gym before visiting.

Will my guest pass automatically enroll me as a member?

No, a guest pass simply offers trial access. You must proactively sign up for a paid month-to-month membership if you decide to join.

What are the membership rates and contracts?

Anytime Fitness does not require long-term commitments. Membership rates start around $35/month with discounts for annual prepay, students, families, etc. Access to all gyms costs more.

How do memberships work if I move or want to cancel?

Memberships are paid monthly and renew automatically until you submit written 30-day notice to cancel. You can transfer your membership to another location for $39 fee.

Can I bring a guest if I become a member?

Yes, most Anytime Fitness locations offer members a limited number of free 1-day guest passes per year to share with friends and family.

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