RubmdFitnessMaximize Your Workout With Guest Pass Options at Anytime Fitness

Maximize Your Workout With Guest Pass Options at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym franchise with over 4,000 locations worldwide. It aims to provide convenient and affordable access to high-quality fitness facilities. Like most gyms, Anytime Fitness offers guest passes so prospective members can test out the facilities before committing to a membership.

Obtaining a Guest Pass

There are a few ways to obtain guest passes for Anytime Fitness gyms:

Request from a Member

The easiest way to get an Anytime Fitness guest pass is to request one from a current member. Members receive free guest pass vouchers each month to give to friends and family interested in trying out the gym. The number of guest passes members receive varies based on membership type.

To get a guest pass this way, simply ask an Anytime Fitness member if they have any passes to share. Just keep in mind that members are limited in how many they can distribute.

Request from the Gym Directly

You can also request guest passes directly from Anytime Fitness gyms in your area. Most locations keep some on hand specifically for prospective members. Simply stop by or call the gym and ask if any guest passes are available.

They may ask for some basic contact information even if the pass is free. This allows them to follow up with you about membership after you use the gym.

Special Promotions

Anytime Fitness runs special promotions periodically that provide free guest passes. For example, they may offer passes to the friends and family of existing members who sign up for a 12-month membership.

The best way to find these deals is to ask at your local Anytime Fitness. You can also check their website and social media pages for promotions in your area.

Guest Pass Policies and Rules

Anytime Fitness wants visitors to have an excellent experience so they sign up for memberships. However, they do enforce certain rules to ensure safety and fairness during trial visits. Understanding these guidelines is crucial when redeeming your guest pass.

Check-In Procedures

Upon arriving at the gym, all guests must check in at the front desk. Be prepared to show a valid photo ID.

You’ll also have your photo taken to keep on file during your visit. This ensures that only the guest pass recipient uses the pass during the allotted timeframe.

Additionally, guests must sign a liability waiver. It states you won’t hold Anytime Fitness responsible for any injuries suffered while using the facilities and equipment.

Staff may also provide guests with a basic orientation before granting access to workout areas. This covers critical policies like re-racking weights and machine wipe-down procedures.

Facility Access Rights

Guest passes grant access to all workout areas, including cardio equipment, weights and specialty training zones.

In some locations, certain premium amenities are reserved solely for members. These may include services like tanning beds or hydromassage chairs. Restrictions vary by location, so confirm when checking in what you can and cannot utilize.

You can use rental equipment like towels and exercise balls free of charge. But be prepared to leave an ID as a deposit for any rented items.

Locker room and shower access varies as well. Confirm with staff what facilities you may use during your visit.

And note that most Anytime Fitness gyms have private changing areas for those who did not rent lockers.

Pass Duration and Renewals

The duration that Anytime Fitness guest passes are valid depends on the type issued:

  • Day passes – These allow one-time gym access for a single date only. You must use the pass on the specified date, with usage usually capped at 2 or 4 hours.
  • Week trial passes – Week trials enable visitors to use the facilities multiple times over seven days. Usage each day is still limited to around 2 hours.

You cannot renew either day or week passes. They expire definitively per the dates indicated.

If more time is needed to evaluate the gym before deciding on membership, you must obtain an extension or additional pass from staff. But extensions are solely at their discretion.

Age and Accompaniment Rules

The minimum age to use Anytime Fitness facilities is 18. The only exceptions are teens 14-17 who have a parent/guardian present to supervise them. Kids under 14 cannot utilize exercise areas at all, even with supervision.

As such, only adult guests age 18+ can redeem guest passes by themselves. Teens 17 or younger would need a parent/guardian to escort them at all times to use a guest pass.

Additionally, teens and pre-teens must complete orientation training before accessing equipment. Their guardians need to sign special release forms. Check with your local gym for specifics on passes for minors.

Billing for Incidentals

When redeeming a guest pass, you must provide credit card information to have on file. This grants access to incidental billings should they arise.

Incidentals include costs like:

  • Replacement fees for any lost or damaged rental items, like towels or heart rate monitors
  • Repair or replacement of any property damage caused during the gym visit

So if you lose or mistreat a rental towel, break gym equipment, etc., Anytime Fitness will bill you automatically via the card details submitted.

The good news is that bills for incidentals are rare for most guest visitors acting reasonably. But having a card on file ensures accountability from those that do damage facilities or property.

Making the Most of Your Pass Visit

Below are some tips to ensure you have the best trial experience at Anytime Fitness possible:

Come Prepared to Work Out

It might sound obvious, but dress appropriately in athletic clothing and sneakers so you can effectively test exercise machines. Anytime Fitness may sell workout necessities if you forget something. But you don’t want to waste trial time shopping.

Also, know what you want evaluate before arriving. Do you want to focus on free weights, cardio machines or specialty equipment? Preparation ensures you make the most of limited pass timeframes.

Bring a Lock and Locker Fee

To secure personal items like wallets and keys, most Anytime Fitness locations require locker rentals while exercising. These cost a few dollars to use.

While it varies, many gyms provide guests a locker token or quarters at check-in after showing ID. But confirm before arriving if lockers are free or if bringing payment.

You’ll also need your own padlock. Verify the style (typically combination) needed when reserving your guest pass.

Arrive Early in Your Trial Window

Guest passes grant windows as short as two hours to experience the gym. You want to take advantage of all of that time for the best impression.

As such, arrive 20-30 minutes before your trial window begins. This allows completing all check-in procedures and orientation without cutting into workout time.

Ask Staff Lots of Questions

Make sure to have staff answer any queries you may have before touring their location alone. Important questions gyms can address may include:

  • Are there any areas or equipment currently off-limits to guests?
  • How does your keycard security system work to access facilities?
  • What amenities can I take advantage of during my trial?
  • What membership options do you offer if I choose to join?

Staff want to provide the best trial experience so you consider joining. So ask questions and take advantage of their expertise while evaluating facilities under your guest pass.

Review Membership Options Before Leaving

Don’t feel pressured into joining anything on the spot after exercising under a guest pass. But do ensure to meet with staff regarding what memberships entail before leaving.

Let them walk you through what subscription levels they offer, pricing, commitment terms, etc. That way you have all relevant information handy to consider once your pass expires.

Reviewing options is also essential as promotions sometimes apply to those joining shortly after a guest pass trial. You want to secure a deal if one exists.

Signing Up for Membership After the Trial

If satisfied after your Anytime Fitness guest pass trial, you’ll probably want to join. Here is a brief overview of what to expect regarding the signup and billing process:

Selecting Your Membership Tier

Anytime Fitness offers different tiers based on access and desired amenities. Basic tiers only grant access to one location’s facilities and equipment. Upgraded memberships enable visiting Anytime Fitness gyms nationwide.

Membership consultants will provide complete details on what each tier includes. Inform them what locations you plan to frequent and how often so they advise the best level.

They may also share standard specials or discounts. These sometimes apply to new members signing up shortly after a guest pass trial.

Payment and Billing Setup

After selecting a membership plan, you’ll be prompted to provide billing details. This includes:

  • Bank account or credit card information so monthly fees can be charged automatically
  • Permanent address to keep on file
  • Contact information like phone number and email

You’ll also complete payment for any deposits or signup fees at this time. Monthly charges typically start 30 days after joining to allow time to reconsider if desired.

Some locations run promotions waiving deposits or other upfront fees which can save substantially. But confirm any specials have not expired before assuming eligibility.

Be sure to also ask about whether any “out clauses” exist to cancel or pause memberships if necessary. This provides options if injured or relocating.

Receiving Membership Materials

With billing and payments processed, Anytime Fitness staff will take your photo for security records. They will also create personalized membership cards you’ll use for future check-ins.

Keycards track facility access and often enable features like operating lockers. Take care not to lose these as replacements may cost money.

You’ll also undergo brief orientation training at this point covering critical gym policies all members must follow. This commonly involves reviewing guidelines for wiping equipment, reporting hazards, etc.

Some locations may utilize membership management apps allowing self check-in or class bookings. If so, get assistance downloading and registering for these before leaving.

Renewals and Cancellations

Unless special terms were agreed upon, Anytime Fitness memberships auto-renew monthly. Continued access is contingent on monthly fees successfully processing each billing cycle.

To cancel memberships outright, submit requests online or in person at your gym. Stop in at least 5 days before the next billing date so payments aren’t unintentionally deducted.

You may also opt to merely suspend memberships temporarily instead of fully closing the account. This pauses payments at the current billing cycle without cancelling outright. It proves useful for those vacationing or facing temporary physical injury.

Anytime Fitness reserves the right to cancel memberships automatically for causes like failed payments or abuse of facilities. So avoid having accounts terminated unwillingly by keeping plans current and not mistreating property.


What is an Anytime Fitness guest pass?

An Anytime Fitness guest pass allows someone to access an Anytime Fitness gym for a limited period to try it out before purchasing a membership. Guest passes are usually valid for one day or one week.

How do I get a guest pass for Anytime Fitness?

The easiest way is to ask a current Anytime Fitness member if they have a guest pass to share. Members receive a limited number per month to distribute. Alternatively, you can request one directly from your local Anytime Fitness gym or watch for free pass promotions online or in-club.

What forms of ID do I need to bring to use an Anytime Fitness guest pass?

You’ll need to show valid government-issued photo ID at the front desk to use your guest pass. You’ll also have your photo taken and stored in the gym’s system for security during your visit.

Can I access all the same facilities members can on my guest pass?

In most cases yes, including workout equipment, specialty training areas, locker rooms, etc. Some locations restrict certain premium amenities like tanning for members only though. Check with staff about any trial limitations.

Do I need to sign anything before using an Anytime Fitness guest pass?

Yes, all guests must sign liability waivers absolving the company of responsibility for any injuries suffered while using equipment, even if you have a free pass.

What are my options for securing my belongings as a guest?

Most Anytime Fitness locations require guests to rent lockers to store personal items while working out. Be prepared to either pay a small locker rental fee or bring your own combination lock.


Anytime Fitness aims to provide convenient 24-hour access to quality workout facilities. And through guest passes, it invites prospective members to test things out firsthand before joining.

Policies do exist during these trial periods to ensure proper use of equipment and fair billing if incidentals occur. But overall, guest passes provide an excellent no-strings-attached way to evaluate an Anytime Fitness location.

Take advantage of your pass visit by coming prepared to exercise, asking staff questions and reviewing membership options afterwards. This sets you up to make an informed decision about whether joining meets your fitness needs following the hassle-free trial.

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