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The Top Peloton Yoga Instructors to Follow in 2024

Before introducing Peloton’s top yoga teachers, it helps to understand what qualities make an exceptional yoga instructor. Some things that students appreciate in a talented yoga teacher include:

  • Knowledgeable about Proper Form and Technique: Ensuring students practice poses safely without injury is a top priority. The best instructors provide clear verbal cues on proper alignment and demonstrate proper form.
  • Supportive and Encouraging: Students feel comfortable and empowered in their practice with an instructor who provides support through positive reinforcement and encouragement.
  • Mindful of Student’s Needs and Limitations: Great teachers provide pose variations and modifications for different levels and abilities to set students up for success.
  • Bring a Spiritual Component: While the physical practice is essential, exceptional instructors also help students connect their movement with their breath and mind for a more meaningful experience.
  • Engaging Personality: Students are drawn to teachers with an inspiring presence who make classes fun and pass on their passion for yoga.

Keeping those qualities in mind, here are 10 of the top yoga teachers you’ll discover in the Peloton yoga discipline.


With over 550 yoga and meditation classes in the Peloton library, Chelsea Jackson Roberts is one of the platform’s most prominent and sought-after yoga instructors.

Her vinyasa flow classes focus on linking breath with movement through a balanced sequence of poses. Chelsea encourages students to find clarity and self-study on their mats through mindfulness and spiritual themes woven throughout her classes.

Students appreciate Chelsea’s soothing voice, which has a peaceful, calming effect. As an instructor, she sets clear expectations and provides excellent cueing to ensure students feel confident executing poses properly.

For those new to yoga or looking for a gentle option, Chelsea’s slow flow and beginner yoga classes are welcoming starting points. More advanced students will appreciate her rigorous peak pose flows and yoga camps that progressively challenge your practice over several days.

No matter what style of yoga you prefer, Chelsea brings authenticity, wisdom and good vibes that leave students feeling nourished in body, mind and soul.


Aditi Shah brings the traditions of yoga alive through her brilliant sequencing focused on breath, alignment and self-awareness. Students praise her holistic approach and ability to make intricate poses feel doable through her thoughtful verbal guidance.

A class with Aditi typically begins with pranayama breathing exercises to center the mind before warming up the body with Sun Salutations. She builds her vinyasa sequences intelligently, adding elements of power yoga for a balanced strength and flexibility workout.

One of Aditi’s standout qualities is providing personalized attention to students. Even in the largest class settings, her gaze at the camera and compassionate cues make each student feel seen.

For those seeking a robust physical challenge, Aditi’s classes require focus and effort. However, she encourages modifications to work at your own pace. Students consistently remark at the mental clarity and sense of calm they feel after practicing with Aditi.


Anna Greenberg brings positive energy and fun flair to all her yoga flow classes. With a background as a professional dancer, her sequencing is graceful with a hint of dance inspiration noticeable in her transitions.

While Anna provides a vigorous physical workout, she balances it beautifully by weaving in mindful moments to anchor in the present. Students praise her upbeat playlists that complement the spiritual themes she layers in.

As an instructor, Anna is passionate about creating a welcoming space for yogis at all levels. Her clear demonstrations and verbal cueing instill confidence for beginners to feel successful. Simultaneously, Anna provides enough challenges for advanced students to progress their flexibility and functional strength.

If you’re looking to sweat with a smile on your face, Anna Greenberg is one of the most joyful yoga teachers on Peloton guaranteed to brighten your day.


With over 25 years of experience teaching yoga and Pilates, Kristin McGee is praised for her comprehensive approach focused on proper technique, breathwork and mindfulness. As one of Peloton’s newest yoga instructors, she has quickly built a loyal following from her extensive knowledge.

Kristin’s specialty is Vinyasa yoga, which she describes as an elegant and dynamic dance linking breath to movement. While her flows challenge flexibility and balance, she encourages modifications to accommodate all levels.

Students appreciate Kristin’s holistic cues that train both the body and mind in her classes. Her verbal alignments are extremely detailed, ensuring students understand proper positioning. Additionally, her sequencing feels thoughtful to open the body safely and prevent injury.

For beginners, Kristin’s Foundations of Vinyasa series builds an excellent base. More advanced students will appreciate her flexibility-focused classes like Open Heart Backbends & Hanumanasana to deepen their practice.


Known for her creative sequencing and upbeat vibe, Australia-native Kirra Michel crafts balanced practices focused on breathwork, postural alignment and tension release. With a background in Ashtanga yoga, many of her sequences build heat through vigorous Sun Salutations while emphasizing strength and flexibility.

Students praise Kirra’s clear demonstrations and helpful verbal adjustments that instill confidence. Her light-hearted personality also makes every class feel fun. Whether encouraging students to smile or let out celebratory woos, Kirra reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

For students seeking an energetic early morning practice, Kirra’s 6 AM classes will get your blood pumping. She also offers slower evening sessions focused on stretching, unwinding and quieting the mind before bed.

Regardless of time of day, Kirra thoughtfully builds classes to help students feel successful through compassionate coaching each step of the way.


As Peloton’s longest-tenured instructor, Denis Morton is considered yoga royalty amongst the Peloton community. Teaching daily since 2014, Denis offers a breadth of class options from shorter 20-minute basics to more advanced 90-minute endurance flows.

Denis’ extensive experience shines through his technical knowledge focused on safety, alignment and proper sequencing. However, his light-hearted personality also encourages students not to take their practice too seriously and have fun moving.

While many Peloton yoga classes focus on strength-building, Denis emphasizes using props like blocks and straps to open tight areas vs. muscling through poses. This gentle approach helps students release rather than strain.

For beginners new to yoga, Denis offers excellent Fundamentals classes explaining basics like standing poses, forward folds, balancing postures and seated twists. His clear instructions give students confidence to build an advanced home practice over time.


Whether leading a meditative slow flow or intense bootcamp style class, Miami-based instructor Mariana Fernandez lives up to her motto “function with fashion, flow with fire.” Infusing her Cuban roots and former modeling career, Mariana teaches rhythmically-sequenced classes focused on community, culture and self-acceptance.

Mariana is praised for making complex poses feel doable for students through excellent demonstration and verbal guidance. Her attention to detail ensures students understand proper alignment in each asana while encouraging modifications as needed.

While her flows provide an excellent physical workout, Mariana shines brightest on the emotional connection fostered in her classes. Through mantras and intention-setting, students tap into themes of self-love and living authentically.

If seeking both physical and inner transformation, Mariana fosters a sacred space focused on community, culture and self-acceptance.


Yogi Ross Rayburn brings an athletic edge to his yoga sequencing focused on functional strength that transfers off the mat. With experience as a college athlete and background in physical therapy, Ross programs classes to build stability, balance, coordination.

Ross is praised for his meticulous approach focused on correct spinal alignment, pelvic positioning and shoulder girdle mechanics. While his flows challenge endurance and control, he offers excellent modifications for yogis needing to adapt poses.

Students appreciate how Ross layers in elements of functional fitness to keep classes dynamic rather than static stretching. His creative transitions utilizing everything from bear crawls to high plank push-ups keeps energy levels peaked.

For anyone seeking to improve athletic performance through yoga, Ross Rayburn’s classes enhance mobility, strength and body control helpful for swimmers, runners, golfers and more.


Based in Austin, TX Dustin Maxfield brings a quirky and light-hearted approach to his yoga programming focused on having fun while building strength. Formerly overweight with back pain issues, Dustin found through yoga the tools to transform body, mind and spirit while battling personal demons.

This personal journey shapes Dustin’s teaching style focused on self-acceptance and using one’s inner fire to manifest intentions. As an instructor, he provides plenty of pose options and modifications for larger bodies new to yoga while progressively working up to more advanced postures.

Dustin is praised for creating equitable and shame-free spaces focused on ability over complexity. His sense of humor helps students relax, unwind tension and leave class with boosted confidence regardless of skill level.

For anyone seeking a judgement-free zone to safely build functional strength, Dustin Maxfield fosters supportive communities on the mat focused on radical self-love.


With so many exceptional yoga teachers on the Peloton platform, evaluating instructors’ class plans can help determine which are best suited for your goals, interests, ability level and schedule.

Beyond the instructor, give consideration around preferred class style, time commitment and what you want to achieve physically and mentally. Trying a mix of options is the best way to discover new favorite teachers and build a balanced yoga practice over time.


What makes a good Peloton yoga instructor?

The best Peloton yoga instructors are knowledgeable about proper form and technique, supportive and encouraging of students, mindful of different needs/limitations, incorporate a spiritual component and have an engaging personality.

What yoga class types does Peloton offer?

Peloton has a wide variety of yoga class styles including vinyasa flow, slow flow, power yoga, beginner yoga classes, yoga basics, meditation classes, restorative yoga and more. Class lengths range from 10 to 90 minutes.

How do I choose the right yoga instructor for me?

Consider your yoga experience level, areas you want to focus on improving, preferred pace, workout style preferences and even instructor personality to find the best fit. It helps to take different teachers’ classes to find your favorites.

What if I am brand new to yoga – where should I start?

If new to yoga, instructors like Denis Morton, Chelsea Jackson Roberts and Aditi Shah offer excellent beginner yoga classes teaching fundamental poses, technique and breathing. Trying different 20 minute basics classes is the perfect introduction.


Consistent yoga practice yields incredible benefits like improved flexibility, strength, balance, stress management and mindfulness. Hopefully this guide highlighted helpful qualities to look for in Peloton’s offerings and profiled 10 gifted teachers worth exploring.

Remember yoga is a personal journey without right or wrong destinations. Be patient with yourself as you build strength, fine-tune technique and discover new abilities on the mat. Most importantly, have fun moving through breath, finding what feels good in each moment and developing deeper mind-body connections.

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