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Senior Living: Top 5 Ways to Stay In Shape After 50

Maintaining a healthy weight should be everyone’s goal, regardless of their age, but after 50, it becomes more of a necessity. 

Keeping your weight down will lower your blood pressure, put less pressure on your joints, and decrease your risk of developing several diseases. The benefits of staying in shape when you are older are practically limitless, and staying fit later in life will go a long way in helping you live a happier and healthier life.

Below are five easy ways to stay in shape after you have turned 50:

Make It Fun

Exercise does not have to be strenuous to be effective, nor does it have to be a chore.

Exercising and being physically active should be fun, so think of things that you love doing and turn those into an exercise routine. Examples of fun exercises can include walking the dog or going dancing with your friends. 

The main goal here should be to move your body, it does not matter how you do it – just that you are active for 35 to 40 minutes each day.


The benefits of walking for people over the age of 50 are almost unbelievable!

Walking improves your health and mood and can help you live independently for a lot longer than if you were to live a sedentary lifestyle. Walk at a steady pace for 35 minutes a day – that will help to get your blood flowing and put a smile on your face.

One of the biggest benefits of walking over the age of 50 is that it helps to keep your joints flexible, and we all know that aches and pains creep up on us as we age.

Speak to your doctor if you have any pre-existing health conditions that may impact your ability to walk every day.

Eat A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape after a certain age.

While everyone should have a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of water – older people need one even more. As we age, the effects of what we eat start to change.

Most people need to rethink their eating habits after 50 and eliminate the food groups that are no longer serving them.

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Focus On Flexibility

Spend ten minutes each day doing stretches, Pilates, or yoga. As you age, you will notice that your spine starts taking strain and before you know it, the simple actions that you could once do will start to hurt or require much more effort.

Focus on your flexibility to take care of your joints and your spine – you will be thankful you did once you are older.

Strength Training

One of the most important things for people over 50 to do is strength training. That helps to work on muscles, which is necessary because we all start to lose muscle mass as we age. 

Both men and women should incorporate strength training into their fitness programs to help keep their bones healthy and their muscles working. Start with light weights and build up to a range variation you feel comfortable with.

Additional Points

  1. Set realistic goals: When starting a fitness routine, set achievable goals that align with your current fitness level and health status. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts as you build strength and endurance.
  2. Find an accountability partner: Having a friend, family member, or workout buddy to share your fitness journey with can help you stay motivated and committed to your goals. Encourage and support each other along the way.
  3. Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining overall health, especially as you age. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day, and more if you are engaging in physical activity or spending time in hot weather.
  4. Listen to your body: As you age, it’s important to pay attention to your body’s signals. If you experience pain, discomfort, or fatigue during exercise, take a break and reassess your routine. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns about your health or fitness level.
  5. Incorporate balance exercises: Balance exercises become increasingly important as you age to prevent falls and maintain mobility. Simple exercises like standing on one foot, heel-to-toe walking, and tai chi can help improve balance and coordination.
  6. Get enough sleep: Adequate sleep is crucial for overall health and fitness. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night to allow your body to recover and recharge. Establish a consistent sleep schedule and create a relaxing bedtime routine to promote better sleep.
  7. Manage stress: Chronic stress can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Incorporate stress-reducing activities like meditation, deep breathing, or engaging in hobbies you enjoy to help manage stress and promote overall well-being.

Concluding Lines

Staying in shape after 50 is crucial for maintaining overall health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and improving quality of life. By incorporating fun activities, walking, a healthy diet, flexibility exercises, and strength training into your daily routine, you can keep your body fit and strong as you age. Remember, there is always time to start taking care of your health and well-being. Welcome the challenge and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier life.

Dr. Preeti (Fitness Geek)
Dr. Preeti (Fitness Geek)
M.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition), Therapist, Dietitian and Weight Management consultant, actively practicing for 17 years.

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