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MyNovant Digital: Your Personal Health Portal

Many healthcare providers are leveraging technology to enhance patient experience and improve health outcomes. One such innovation is the use of digital patient portals, which provide patients with access to their health records, communication channels with healthcare providers, and tools for managing their health. A leading example of this digital transformation in healthcare is MyNovant, the patient portal developed by Novant Health, a prominent healthcare provider in the southeastern United States.

What is MyNovant?

MyNovant is a secure, online health portal that offers Novant Health patients 24/7 access to their personal health information from the comfort of their own home. This portal streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers, giving patients more control over their health and promoting a more collaborative healthcare experience.

Features of MyNovant

Access to Medical Records

One of the primary features of MyNovant is the ability to view your medical records at any time. This includes lab results, immunizations, medications, and a history of medical visits. Having this information readily available empowers patients to better understand their health history and be more engaged in their care.

Communication with Healthcare Providers

With MyNovant, patients can easily communicate with their healthcare providers. This feature allows for secure messaging, making it simple to ask non-urgent questions or seek clarifications about a diagnosis or treatment plan. This ease of communication fosters a stronger patient-provider relationship.

Scheduling and Managing Appointments

Patients can schedule or cancel appointments through the MyNovant portal. The ability to manage appointments online saves patients time and offers greater convenience compared to traditional methods.

Online Bill Pay

MyNovant also simplifies the process of paying medical bills by providing an online platform for making payments. This saves patients the hassle of mailing checks or making phone payments.

Prescription Renewals

Patients can also manage their prescriptions through MyNovant. The portal allows patients to view their current prescriptions, check the status of refills, and request renewals.

How to Sign Up for MyNovant

Getting started with MyNovant is straightforward. New users simply need to create an account on the MyNovant website. It’s important to have your medical information handy when setting up the account, as this information is required to verify your identity and ensure the security of your health information.

Future of MyNovant

While the current capabilities of MyNovant are impressive, the future of this digital health portal promises even more advancements. In line with the digital transformation trend in healthcare, it is likely that MyNovant will continue to add new features and improve existing ones to further enhance the patient experience.


  1. Novant Health: Novant Health is an integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient centers, and hospitals, spread across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. The health system has more than 1,500 physicians and over 28,000 employees who provide care at over 640 locations, including 15 medical centers.
  2. MyNovant Patient Portal: MyNovant is an online patient portal that allows patients to manage their health care from anywhere. Patients can access their test results, schedule appointments, talk to their healthcare providers, request prescription refills, and view their medical records.
  3. Secure Access: MyNovant uses encryption technology to secure all data in the patient portal. It meets the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring patient confidentiality and data security.
  4. Electronic Health Records: MyNovant provides electronic health records (EHR), a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.
  5. Telehealth: Novant Health offers virtual care options. Patients can use MyNovant to schedule a video visit with a provider.


Portal NameDescription
MyChartUsed by many health systems throughout the U.S., offers features such as access to medical records, the ability to schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, request prescription refills, and pay bills online.
FollowMyHealthA universal health record system used by various healthcare organizations. It allows patients to view their medical records, make appointments, communicate with their doctors, and more.
MyHealtheVetThe VA’s Personal Health Record specifically for veterans, service members, their dependents, and caregivers. The users can track health conditions, refill VA prescriptions, and communicate with their healthcare team.
Patient FusionThe patient portal associated with Practice Fusion’s electronic health record system. It provides patients with access to their health records and the ability to schedule appointments online.
MyHealth OnlineThis portal is used by Sutter Health and its associated providers. Patients can view lab results, message their care team, schedule and review appointments, and pay bills.
MyUPMCThe patient portal for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It allows patients to connect with their UPMC doctor’s office, view lab results, request prescription renewals, and manage appointments.


MyNovant represents the intersection of healthcare and technology, providing patients with greater control over their health and a more personalized healthcare experience. It symbolizes the future of healthcare – one where patients have instant access to their health information and can communicate with their healthcare providers seamlessly. With these tools, patients can become more engaged in their care, leading to better health outcomes.

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