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Jenn Sherman Peloton’s Leading Fitness Instructor

Jenn Sherman is one of the most popular and recognizable instructors on the Peloton fitness platform. As an inaugural Peloton hire and their longest-tenured instructor, Jenn has played an integral role in the company’s meteoric growth and success. With her energetic and motivational teaching style, Jenn has inspired countless Peloton members to meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Jenn’s Early Fitness Journey

Jenn’s passion for health and wellness started at an early age. Born in New York, she was always an active child who loved sports and outdoor activities. She began working part-time as an aerobics instructor when she was just 16 years old, teaching step classes at local gyms and studios.

She went on to study sports management in college, further fueling her interest in fitness and athletics. After graduating, Jenn started working for New York Sports Clubs (NYSC), quickly rising up the ranks to become a popular group fitness manager, choreographing routines and motivating members.

Outside of work, Jenn immersed herself in various workout trends and modalities – from Pilates to kickboxing to HIIT training. Her own fitness routine was grueling, often starting with a pre-dawn spinning or boot camp class before a full workday of teaching. Jenn’s passion for inspiring others to lead healthy, active lifestyles continued to grow.

Joining Peloton in 2014

Since its launch in 2012, Peloton was quickly making waves in the fitness world with its high-tech indoor bikes and live-streamed instructor-led classes. When they expanded their streaming platform beyond cycling to disciplines like bootcamp, running and yoga in 2014, founders John Foley and Hisao Kushi knew they needed top talent to lead the programs.

Jenn’s experience and infectious energy made her a perfect choice for this fledgling start-up aiming to revolutionize at-home fitness. She was brought on board in 2014 as one of Peloton’s first non-cycling instructors, helping develop original class formats and content.

As an inaugural Peloton hire, Jenn played an important role in fostering community and cultivating the company’s inclusive, motivating culture. Members immediately connected with her straight-talking yet encouraging teaching style. They loved her intensely challenging full-body bootcamp and TOTAL body strength classes set to upbeat playlists.

Becoming Peloton’s Top Instructor

Over the past decade with Peloton, Jenn has gained massive popularity for her killer dance-inspired cardio routines and sculpting strength training workouts. She motivates members to push past perceived limitations with her mantra “No judgement – Just effort!”.

As Peloton’s classes are on-demand, members develop personal connections with the instructors whose classes they frequent. Jenn is often cited as a favorite for her coaching style that makes working out simultaneously challenging and fun. Member testimonials praise her genuine encouragement and ability to drive them to dig deeper.

With thousands of dedicated fans and groupies calling themselves “Shermanators”, Jenn has become Peloton’s leading brand ambassador at live events and charity fundraisers. From pep talks to work hard to post-class high fives, Jenn’s support helps members commit to consistency in their training.

Signature Teaching Style & Classes

So what is it exactly about Sherman’s teaching technique that resonates so strongly with Peloton’s global community?

Emphasis on Form & Safety – With her fitness background, Jenn understands the importance of proper form and technique to prevent injury. She provides excellent verbal anatomical cues during complex moves while her choreography emphasizes control over momentum.

Body Positivity – Jenn helps members feel comfortable and confident in their skin through positive reinforcement. She concentrates feedback on effort rather than physical appearance, creating a judgement-free zone.

Relatability – Whether sharing personal anecdotes or singing badly through songs, Jenn comes across as approachable. Members feel they are right alongside her in each sweat-dripping endeavor.

Feel-Good Vibes – Sherman radiates infectious joy through her ever-present smile, silly jokes and words of wisdom like “mood follows action”. Her classes leave members feeling strong, accomplished and motivated.

Jenn’s most popular class formats include:

  • Bootcamp – High-energy, full-body training mixing HIIT cardio bursts with bodyweight/resistance training plus plyometrics. Zero equipment required, just determination!
  • Dance Cardio – Non-stop movement to the beat punches, kicks, twists and shimmies inspired by mediums like boxing, hip hop and Latin dance. Designed to make cardio fun!
  • Total Body Strength – Focuses on efficiently sculpting all major muscle groups with multi-plane, multi-joint and compound exercises using resistance bands/weights. Great for complementing cycling routines.

No matter the class type, platform or era – loyal Shermanators agree that Jenn brings an electrifying energy unlike any other Peloton instructor.

Motivating Millions

A pioneer since Peloton’s early days, Jenn has played an integral role in revolutionizing the at-home fitness experience. Her leadership and positivity across disciplines including bootcamp, cardio, strength training, stretching and pilates continues to motivate a community of millions.

Jenn’s classes deliver transformative mind-body conditioning designed to build self-confidence along with physical strength. She empowers people of all ages, backgrounds and body types to harness their inner grit and resilience.

As Peloton has grown into a household name, so too has Jenn Sherman’s impact and influence. She has coached numerous milestone class celebrations, led Peloton’s first XOXO workouts benefitting COVID-19 relief, and inspired record-setting Annual Homecomings.

Within Peloton and beyond, Jenn motivates millions daily to choose consistency and hard work over complacency. She epitomizes the company’s aspirational message – that with passion and perseverance, we each have the power to lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.


How long has Jenn Sherman been teaching at Peloton?

Jenn was one of Peloton’s first non-cycling instructors, brought on board in 2014 shortly after they expanded into other fitness disciplines like bootcamp, cardio and strength. So she has been motivating and coaching Peloton members for over 8 years as of 2022.

What makes Jenn’s classes so popular?

Sherman’s signature blend of encouragement, killer playlists, choreography and focus on proper form resonates with members. They love her high-fives and how she learns members’ names, making classes feel intimate despite broadcasting to global audiences.

What is Jenn Sherman’s teaching style?

Described as equal parts cheerleader, life coach and drill sergeant, Jenn pushes members to surprise themselves with what they can achieve through encouragement and relatability rather than intimidation. Her constant positivity and unity with members drives results.

Does Jenn compete in marathons or triathlons?

Yes! Sherman incorporates endurance training into her own regular fitness regimen. She has completed the New York Marathon twice along with numerous half marathons, triathlons and charity cycling events.

What Peloton class type is Jenn Sherman best known for?

As one of Peloton’s original bootcamp instructors, many members believe that is where Jenn shines brightest. Her dance cardio flows also have enormous fan followings. But no matter the class type, Jenn brings unmatched energy.

How can I follow Jenn Sherman on social media?

Jenn Sherman shares fitness insights, motivational mantras, behind-the-scenes peeks and more with fans across social platforms including Instagram (@JennSherman), Facebook (@JennShermanFitnessFan), and her self-titled YouTube channel.

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