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Can You Use A Peloton Without Internet?

The Peloton bike and treadmill have become extremely popular home fitness equipment in recent years. These sleek, high-tech exercise machines offer users the experience of intense spin classes and bootcamp-style treadmill workouts from the comfort of their own homes.

A major draw of Peloton equipment is the access it provides to Peloton’s vast library of live and on-demand classes through the attached touchscreen. However, many prospective buyers wonder if WiFi is required to use a Peloton or if the equipment can still be utilized without an internet connection.

How Pelotons Work

Peloton equipment is powered by a built-in tablet computer that runs the Peloton software. This software provides the interface to browse and select on-demand classes, see your workout metrics like resistance level and cadence, video chat with other riders in live classes and track your progress over time.

An internet connection is necessary for the software to function fully. The wifi allows the software to stream class video and audio in real time, connect you to live classes and other riders, sync your workout data to the cloud and continually update your stats and leaderboard rankings.

So out-of-the-box, Peloton machines do require a WiFi connection to access all of their touted features. But that doesn’t mean the equipment becomes useless without internet.

Using Peloton Equipment Offline

While WiFi access unlocks much of a Peloton bike or treadmill’s functionality, you can still use the equipment for exercise if your internet goes out.

The basics of cycling on a Peloton bike and running on the Peloton treadmill remain the same. You can manually adjust the resistance knob on the bike to make pedaling more difficult as you would on any regular spin bike. And the Tread’s spacious running platform and shock-absorbing belt operate just like a standard motorized treadmill.

Without internet, you won’t be able to stream classes or track your performance metrics. But if exercising itself if your main goal, that may not matter much. You can still get in an excellent cardio workout by using the equipment as-is.

However, without the motivational guidance of instructors and class structures, it may be harder to push yourself and maintain running or cycling intensity for a full workout. Going offline also means exercising without the leaderboard rankings and performance tracking many Peloton users find helpful for staying motivated over time.

Makeshift Workarounds

If you want to access Peloton classes and features without a live internet connection, there are some makeshift solutions to bridge the gap.

Using the Just Ride / Just Run Mode

The Peloton bike and treadmill both have built-in “Just Ride” and “Just Run” modes. As their names suggest, these allow you to simply use the equipment to cycle or run freely on your own, without taking a class.

In Just Ride/Run mode, you can see your output metrics like resistance, cadence and mileage and manually adjust them as you work out. However, your stats won’t be recorded since there is no wifi connection to sync data.

The Just Ride/Run option is likely the closest experience you’ll get to using the Peloton equipment fully offline. You can still monitor and adjust your workout metrics to match your fitness level and goals.

Downloading Classes

Through the Peloton app, members can download select on-demand cycling, running and strength classes to save locally on their phone or tablet. This allows you to play classes through the Peloton machine without needing to stream them in real time.

Here’s how to take advantage of offline class downloads:

  1. Open the Peloton app and find a class you want to take offline. Note that only a subset of classes display the “Save” button needed for downloads.
  2. Tap the Save icon (a downward facing arrow) to download the class to your device’s storage. It may take a few minutes to complete depending on the class length.
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Then pair and connect it to your Peloton Bike or Tread through the settings menu.
  4. Start the downloaded class through your phone or tablet. It will now play directly through the Peloton machine speakers rather than needing to stream via wifi.

The major downsides here are that metrics and performance data won’t sync since there is no live internet connection. You also can’t access social features like seeing other members on the leaderboard or video chatting with instructors and friends in a live class.

However, this does allow you to view class content and hear instructor cues directly from your Peloton equipment during an internet outage. If class variety and structure are most important to your training, it’s a suitable offline alternative.

Casting Classes From Other Devices

Another workaround is “casting” Peloton classes to your equipment from other devices not reliant on the bike or treadmill’s connection. Options include:

  • Airplaying classes from an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer using Apple TV. Audio and video will play directly through your equipment while metrics can’t sync.
  • Screen mirroring via Chromecast if you have the Peloton class streaming on something like a mobile phone, tablet or second TV near the equipment.
  • Connecting a separate device like a phone, laptop or tablet via HDMI cable directly to your Bike or Tread’s display screen if the port exists. You won’t get performance statistics this way either but can at least follow along with instructor cues.

While clunky adaptations, casting classes in these ways does provide access to Peloton’s class content without needing the equipment itself to have a direct wifi connection.

Can You Activate A Peloton Without Internet?

In order for any Peloton machine to operate for the first time, it will require an internet connection during activation. This initial activation process registers the Peloton with your account, installs system software updates if available and ensures everything is working correctly out of the box before first use.

Thankfully the activation and setup only need to happen once upon receiving a new Bike or Tread. As long as WiFi was working when you first activated your Peloton, you remain able to use the Bike or Tread for manual exercise even if the internet later goes down. The activation itself is a one-time requirement.

Pros And Cons Of Using Peloton Equipment Offline

While using Peloton equipment offline due to a lack of wifi connectivity is certainly possible, it does severely limit functionality compared to using the machines as intended.


  • You can still manually operate the Peloton Bike and Tread for cycling and running if cardio exercise itself is your goal. Just adjust resistance as preferred on the Bike or control running speed based on the Tread’s speed/incline knobs.
  • The machines retain useful built-in exercise metrics like cycling cadence, running pace, resistance levels and mileage covered to track aspects of your workout.
  • Makeshift solutions allow limited access to class content and instructor guidance by pre-downloading classes or mirroring them from other devices.


  • No way to stream on-demand classes or participate in live training sessions without wifi. Limited to only classes saved offline beforehand.
  • All performance tracking and personal stats get lost without internet connectivity. No metrics recorded to monitor progress over time.
  • Lose access to gamified social motivators like leaderboards and the ability to exercise in sync with friends, family or random riders in live classes. Working out solo offline is more boring!
  • Difficult to maintain enthusiasm and intensity without instructor encouragement guiding your workouts and music pushing your pace. Need more internal motivation.
  • Software updates are unavailable offline. Over time bugs or critical patches could go unaddressed.

So in most cases, using the Peloton equipment fully offline drastically reduces the interactive, social and gamified experience that draws many users to the platform over a basic exercise bike or treadmill. Losing access to certain motivational metrics is the opposite of what most Peloton owners pay for.

That said, the ability to still physically operate the Bike and Tread as standard cardiovascular training machines even without wifi could prove vital for some users should connectivity issues arise. Just don’t expect the same immersive Peloton class experience training solo offline.

Tips For Using Your Peloton Without Internet

If you do find yourself needing to exercise on your Peloton without wifi for a period of time, here are some tips to take advantage of it’s limited offline capability:

  • Use the Just Ride or Just Run mode as your best bet for seeing your workout metrics clearly on-screen during your session. Monitor and shift resistance and speeds based on feel as you normally would when taking classes online.
  • If possible, download your favorite cycling, running or strength training classes while you still have connectivity to use offline later when needed. Look for the “Save” icon on eligible classes through the Peloton app.
  • Consider mirroring classes from another wifi-enabled device onto your Peloton screen using wired connections like HDMI or wireless streaming with solutions like Apple TV or Chromecast. Audio and video will play through, just without interactive stats.
  • Don’t forget your old gym habits that worked before Peloton – make your own workout playlists to stay pumped and keep tabs on pace and mileage without relying on instructor cues. A watch, heart rate monitor or fitness tracker that stores offline data can help in lieu of the Peloton metrics dashboard.
  • While offline, avoid software updates that could potentially interrupt access to Just Ride or Run modes needed to use the bike manually. Until your WiFi is restored, defer any on-screen notifications about new system updates.
  • Check that your bike itself is not in need of mechanical recalibration after long periods unused while offline. As you would with any fitness equipment, inspect for tire pressure, chain lubrication or belt adjustments to keep hardware issues from throwing off a workout.
  • Most importantly – be patient with limitations but still get moving every day if exercise consistency matters most! Even experienced Peloton enthusiasts revert to simpler fitness routines at times with fewer metrics to validate effort. And that’s still healthy.

While triaging connectivity problems, don’t abandon your workout habit altogether just because the Peloton technology is unavailable. The equipment itself remains capable of providing an effective exercise session when used in offline mode. Mix in creativity with the makeshift solutions above and you can still keep making fitness progress despite technical difficulties.


Can you use a Peloton without an internet WiFi connection? The short answer is: yes but with limited functionality. While you won’t have access to interactive streaming classes or online performance statistics, you are still able to manually operate the Peloton machinery for basic running and cycling workouts.

Peloton equipment does require internet upon initial activation and setup. But following this one-time synchronization, you can leverage special Just Ride and Just Run modes to use your Bike or Tread offline if your WiFi goes down temporarily. Streaming classes or tracking your metrics will remain unavailable until connectivity resumes, but workarounds like downloading select programs beforehand or mirroring content from other devices can help fill the void.


Can I ride my Peloton bike without wifi?

Yes, you can still ride your Peloton bike manually without wifi. The bike’s resistance knob will adjust how hard it is to pedal. However, you won’t have access to any on-demand or live classes, performance tracking metrics or online features.

Can I run on my Peloton Tread without wifi?

Yes, you can still use the Peloton Tread deck and belt for running workouts without wifi connectivity. You’ll need to manually control running speed and incline using the machine’s knobs. Tracking statistics and training features will be unavailable until your wifi connection is restored.

Do I need wifi to set up my Peloton for the first time?

Yes, you will need a working wifi network available to properly set up and activate your Peloton bike or treadmill initially. The activation process registers your Peloton to your account and completes any required firmware updates. Activation only needs to happen once during first use though.

Can I cast Peloton classes to my Bike/Tread from my phone if the machine itself has no wifi?

Yes! Using solutions like Apple Airplay, Chromecast or an HDMI cable, you can cast Peloton classes playing on other devices to display and play audio directly through your Peloton machine, even if the Bike/Tread hardware itself has no wifi. Performance metrics won’t sync, but class content will be viewable.

How can I access Peloton classes offline?

Through the Peloton mobile app, members can download select on-demand cycling and strength classes to play offline from a phone/tablet connected by Bluetooth to their Peloton equipment. Videos and instructor audio will play from your phone to the machine without wifi, though you’ll still lose the online interactions and quantitative tracking.

Will my workout data save if I use my Peloton offline?

No, unfortunately none of your workout metrics, leaderboard rankings or personal records can sync or save without an active internet connection on the Peloton hardware. But as soon as WiFi is restored, your Peloton will resume uploading exercise statistics. Historical data doesn’t transfer over from past offline rides though.

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