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Beth Grosshans, Husband And Who Is She

Dr. Beth Grosshans is known for her deep knowledge of psychology, how children grow, and helping parents. She has over 25 years of expertise, obtained her PhD from Ohio State University, and finished her clinical fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Her knowledge spans teaching child development courses and writing the popular book “Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm,” offering helpful insights for parents looking to cultivate healthier bonds with their kids. Outside of her professional work, Beth’s enthusiasm for opera led her to serve as the managing director on the Metropolitan Opera’s board of directors in New York City.

Beth Grosshans Husband is Dennis Stattman, has enjoyed a prosperous career in finance, spending 28 years at BlackRock. He graduated from Harvard with an economics degree and earned his MBA from Stanford. At BlackRock, he oversaw the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund. Like Beth, Dennis shares a love of travel, reading, and opera. He actively supports the Metropolitan Opera and enjoys opera experiences globally. Together, Beth and Dennis are a dynamic couple who combine their diverse talents and interests to positively impact their fields and more.

We’ll explore Beth’s remarkable career, opera passion, and work helping parents build positive relationships with children here. We’ll also share some of her best parenting tips to help you cultivate greater harmony at home. Beth has much insightful counsel to offer.

Who is Beth Grosshans and her background:

Beth Grosshans is a psychology expert with over 25 years working with children, teens, adults, and families. After getting her PhD from Ohio State, she finished a clinical fellowship at prestigious Harvard Medical School.

Beyond psychology, Beth has taught child development courses at multiple institutions, gaining nuanced child expertise.

Beth is also a published author. Using her clinical knowledge and motherhood experiences, she wrote the 2008 book “Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm,” offering parents a five-step approach to regain control without being too strict or letting children act out.

Beth stays active serving on the boards of two major opera companies, the Sarasota Opera in Florida and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. But she still finds time to enjoy new places, reading, gardening, and quality family time!

Clearly, Beth Grosshans has dedicated her life to helping children and families with decades of psychology experience and a passion for assisting parents in building healthy child relationships!

Beth Grosshans Husband:

Beth Grosshans is married to Dennis Stattman, he wa born in the year 1951, spent his career as a former finance executive and investment manager in Florida.

husband of dr Beth Grosshans
husband of dr Beth Grosshans
  • How they met – Dennis and Beth met watching their 9-year-old sons play soccer in Princeton, NJ. Adorable!
  • Successful career – Dennis enjoyed an impressive 28-year career at BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment firms. He was a senior portfolio manager and led their Global Allocation team.
  • Launched key fund – At BlackRock, Dennis played a vital role launching and managing the successful BlackRock Global Allocation Fund.
  • Education – Dennis has an economics degree from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford – clearly a bright guy!
  • Avid traveler and reader – Beyond finance, Dennis enjoys travelling the world and reading on diverse topics.
  • Opera fan – Dennis shares Beth’s opera passion. He supports the Metropolitan Opera, where Beth is on the board.
  • Opera adventures – The two love visiting opera houses worldwide together.
  • Retired in 2017 – After his long BlackRock career, Dennis retired in 2017 to focus on travel and leisure.
  • Power couple – Dennis and Beth are quite the power couple with their shared passions and feats!
  • They are currenty living happily together in Bay Oak Ln Vero Beach FL 32963 Indian River County area.

Dennis Stattman and Beth Grosshans are delighted to be at home in the house that found them

What is Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm

Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm” aims to help parents tackle common child behavioral challenges like tantrums, defiance, disrespect, lying, cheating, bullying, aggression, anxiety, depression, and more. It contends many issues stem from a family power imbalance where children excessively control parents and disregard authority.

The book provides a concise five-step disciplinary method to help parents restore equilibrium and calm at home:

  1. Identify the problematic behavior.
  2. Establish clear rules and consequences.
  3. Implement consistent enforcement.
  4. Provide positive reinforcement.
  5. Monitor progress and adjust as needed.

It also offers practical examples applying this strategy to various situations and ages, from toddlers to teens. It states following this approach can reduce conflicts, improve communication, encourage cooperation, build self-care, nurture responsibility, and strengthen children’s emotional wellbeing.

Key benefits of this strategy include:

  • Setting explicit expectations and boundaries for children.
  • Instilling respect for authority and rules in children.
  • Empowering parents to assume leadership in the family.
  • Reducing stress and frustration for parents and children.
  • Building trust and confidence between parents and children.

Reviews About Book

Ann Pleshette Murphy, Parenting Contributor to ABC-TV’s Good Morning America“How I wish I had had this book on my night table when my children were young. Dr. Grosshans’ excellent counsel is offered in a lucid, sympathetic voice that acknowledges the challenges many parents face while establishing loving boundaries and the benefits associated with doing so successfully.
Romi Lassally, author of True Mom Confessions and founder of“An invaluable resource I wish I’d found earlier. This book and the ‘ladder’ have changed the way I’ve dealt with any challenge or power struggle with my kids and restored some peace in my house.
John M. Lagos, Ph.D., President, New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation“If you think there are more parenting books than we need, read this one.”
Thomas Linscheid, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University“Honest, direct, and overflowing with common sense… Dr. Grosshans is a brave man who will tell it like it is while also being sensitive enough to make it acceptable.
Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune“You can identify the quality of a parenting book when you discover yourself passionately sharing its principles with anyone willing to hear!”

How to get a copy of Beyond Time-Out:

Ways to Obtain a Copy of “Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm” by Beth Grosshans and Janet Burton:

  • Purchase a Kindle edition for $8.99 on Amazon.
  • Buy a paperback copy for $19.95 on Amazon. Also consider 48 used copies from $1.57 and 1 new copy for $35.00.
  • Find a hardcover edition on Goodreads, with 47 reviews and 245 ratings.
  • Check other online or offline bookstores for availability, though some may currently be out of stock.
  • Borrow the book from a library or friend who owns it. Also look into online rental or exchange platforms.
  • You cab also read it online at Google Books: Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm

Beth Grosshans challenges and achievements as a psychologist:

Challenges and Achievements:

  • She obtained a PhD in psychology from esteemed institutions, Ohio State University and Harvard Medical School.
  • She demonstrated dedication and expertise by teaching child development at the Princeton Center for Teacher Education for Montessori teachers for 15 years.
  • She authored “Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm,” drawing from clinical practice, research, and personal motherhood experiences.
  • She started private practice in 1994 after an internship at Boston Children’s Hospital and The Judge Baker Children’s Center, handling various behavioral and psychological issues.
  • She faced challenges balancing her author and clinical child psychologist roles, managing time, adjusting schedules, and celebrating accomplishments.
  • She dealt with the emotional demands of working with troubled families and children.

Beth’s Metropolitan Opera Involvement:

  • Lifelong opera lover – Beth’s loved opera since childhood listening to radio broadcasts with her dad.
  • Met devotee – Her passion led her to become a dedicated Met supporter and patron. She’s now the managing director on their board!
  • Attends performances – Beth cherishes attending live opera shows at the Met and renowned houses worldwide.
  • Gives back – She feels privileged to give back by serving on the Met board and celebrating this powerful art form.
  • Passionate – Opera is one of Beth’s greatest passions! She loves the music, drama, emotions.
  • Knowledgeable – With a lifetime of opera fandom, Beth is very knowledgeable about this art form.
  • Dedicated – Beth has dedicated significant time and resources to supporting opera.
  • Grateful – She’s grateful to combine her passion with service on the Met board.

Professional and Personal Interests:

  • Child development and education – that’s Beth’s big professional passion! With 15 years experience teaching Montessori educators, she’s practically an expert.
  • Opera and music – Beth loves opera! She’s a longtime supporter of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, where she’s on the board. She’s also on the Sarasota Opera board.
  • Other interests – Beth has varied interests. She enjoys travel, reading all kinds of books, gardening, and quality family time.
  • Writing – Beth has written “Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm” where she shares parenting insights. She also writes articles and blogs.
  • Giving back – Beth stays active in causes she cares about, like serving on opera boards. She’s passionate about child development, music, family, learning, and helping others!

Dr. Beth Grosshans’s Thoughts on Child Development Issues

Dr. Grosshans believes that achieving a balanced family dynamic is crucial for healthy child development, advocating for consistent parental guidance shaped by empathy and understanding. She underscores the importance of recognizing each child’s unique developmental path and promoting tailored educational strategies that nurture resilience and problem-solving skills through life’s challenges.

Beth Grosshans and Rubmd Dr. Sarah J. Adams Friendship

Beth Grosshans and Dr. Sarah J. Adams from RubMd Team have been the best of friends for around three years now. They first met at a community fundraising event and really hit it off. Beth was drawn to Sarah’s warmth, humor, and passion for helping others. Likewise, Sarah admired Beth’s kindness, intelligence, and commitment to children’s wellbeing.

Though they work in completely different fields – with Beth as a child psychologist and Sarah as a dermatologist – the two women found they shared many of the same values and interests. Their friendship blossomed through long talks over coffee, charity events, book club meetings, and girls’ nights out.

Now, years later, Beth and Sarah have become as close as sisters. They lend each other support during life’s ups and downs, share advice, and always have an empathetic ear for one another. While their busy schedules don’t allow them to connect every day, they make a point to catch up regularly. The bond they’ve formed goes far beyond surface-level friendship. Beth is grateful to have found such a caring, genuine soul sister in Sarah. . Apart from that Dr Sarah always praise about How Dr Beth’s manages family and work life really well, apart from that husband of Beth Grosshans is also a gentleman, he always support her.

How to contact her or follow her work:

  • Call her at (555) 555-5555, the number on her website.
  • Email her at, the address on her website.
  • Use the message form on her website to input your name, email, subject, and message. Expect a prompt reply.
  • If you want to visit her Princeton, NJ office where she practices adolescent psychology, schedule an appointment by phone or email.

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