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Adjustment Disorder With Anxiety: An Overview, Biomagnetism & Alternative Treatments

Sometimes, big changes can happen in life, like a new job, move, breakup, or loss of a loved one. These changes can worry some people too much. They may not know how to handle the stress very well. Their mind gets filled with fearful thoughts about the future. Their body feels nervous and tense. This is called adjustment disorder with anxiety.

An Overview

Adjustment disorder occurs as a result of a disturbance in an individual’s ability to overcome a large-scale stress or change, the key features of this are,

  • Excessive anxiety 
  • Emotional and Behavioural difficulties 

The adjustment disorder with anxiety includes:

  • Emotional and behavioral expressions to known stressors.
  • The identifiable significant life-changing incident, such as loss and trauma. 
  • Such stressors could be a case of job loss, trouble in relationships, finances, or any major life transition.
  • Frequently causing difficulties during everyday activities. 

The common symptoms of adjustment disorder include anxiety, agitation, irritation, inattention, excessive worrying, difficulty concentrating, the tautness of muscles, and disturbed sleeping patterns. Anxiety may be quite severe when dealing with adverse changes in life, which can hinder a person from quickly adapting to the stressor.

People with this disorder worry way more than the normal type of worry people have when life changes happen. The worrying thoughts stick around too long months after the change occurred and make it hard to do regular daily things.

The goal is for anyone struggling with anxiety during a big change in life to know good options to make them feel better soon. We all need a little extra help sometimes in life when things feel stressful.

Conventional Treatments

A traditional approach in treating Adjustment Disorder with anxiety consists of a combination of psychotherapy, medication, and help from relatives or friends. They use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which works with the patients and identifies the thoughts contributing to their anxiety. In other situations, medical practitioners may prescribe medicines like anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants.

Nevertheless, some people do not respond to normal treatment as expected, and they would like to try other methods to support or substitute for the common intervention. If you are looking to try an alternate therapy then biomagnetism is the best healing approach.

Biomagnetism For Adjustment Disorder With Anxiety

Alternative therapies such as bio-magnetism have gained popularity as they have been associated with curing mental health disorders, among other health problems. The therapy uses a pair of magnets with different strengths and positioning of appropriate magnets at certain areas of the body to enhance acidity or alkalinity and remove the disease agents that cause health issues.

Practitioners of biomagnetism posit that, in the area of mental health, the body’s pH discrepancies create emotional symptoms. The therapy places magnets in a manner that is meant to restore balance in order to relieve symptoms and enhance overall wellness.

Although there are fewer studies that address the effectiveness of biomagnetism as a therapy for Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety, many people have said they were pleased with the treatment, seeing better results. One should be open-minded when it comes to alternative treatment; different people react differently.

Benefits of Biomagnetism Therapy

The therapy seeks to restore energy levels by specifically locating magnets at particular spots, and it helps,

  • It is a holistic perspective and tailored therapy based on an understanding of energetic imbalances in the body.
  • The therapy is non-invasive, drug-free, and can offer an additional dimension to mental health that is unique when compared to traditional methods. 
  • The therapy helps overcome emotional outbursts during sessions as well as the focus on a mind-body connection. 
  • It helps in reducing stress, improves sleep patterns, and promotes relaxation.

Although people may experience the disorder differently and people with this disorder can incorporate biomagnetism with other traditional treatments, consult your health professionals to ensure safety and avoid the interactions of drugs in the treatment, and create a customized treatment plan.

Other Alternative Treatments:

People suffering from Adjustment Disorder with anxiety can get relief by adopting a few alternative therapies and changing their lifestyle to fit the prescribed treatment plans. These include:

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation, deep-breathing exercises, and similar practices could be really helpful when addressing anxiety symptoms because they promote relaxation and a concentration toward here-and-now awareness.


Some people believe that acupuncture, which involves putting slim needles into particular places in the body, can bring back the balance of life’s energies and, therefore, minimize anxiety symptoms.

Herbal Supplements:

Some relaxing herbal supplements like chamomile and valerian root can also be considered as possible alternative treatments for the case of anxiety symptoms. Besides, a person should always seek medical advice before adding supplements to their schedule.

Exercise and Physical Activity:

It is possible to improve one’s mood and lower anxiety through regular physical activity. Doing things like walking, running, or doing yoga may be good for your health.

Art and Music Therapy:

Art and music therapy are considered creative therapies that allow an individual with anxiety or stress issues to express themselves in a different way without being judged.

Combining traditional and various alternative options, such as biomagnetism online training, may be helpful in reaching an overall approach that would take care of such things as an individual’s specific needs and choices when seeking better mental health.


Is biomagnetism therapy scientifically proven for anxiety disorders?

There is not much scientific proof that biomagnetism therapy helps with anxiety disorders. However, people who tried biomagnetism have found very good results in healing health conditions and managing anxiety disorders. And how well this therapy works can be different for each person. More research is still happening.

What is the goal of biomagnetism therapy for anxiety?

The goal of biomagnetism therapy for anxiety is to balance the body’s pH levels and eliminate the pathogens that cause health issues. This therapy will help people feel better mentally and physically by reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety.

Can biomagnetism therapy be used with usual anxiety treatments?

Yes, some people choose to use biomagnetism therapy in addition to usual anxiety treatments like therapy or medicine. This can be a more complete approach.

Can biomagnetism therapy replace usual anxiety treatments?

Biomagnetism therapy should not replace usual treatments. It is best used along with other treatments as part of a full plan to manage Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety.

Final Lines

Using both typical and alternative treatments together can help make a more whole-person approach. This addresses each person’s unique needs and preferences. It can support better mental health. Dr. Garcia has 14 years of experience with biomagnetism therapy. His life’s work is making biomagnetism therapy more available to people and making them know about natural healing approaches. He holds training sessions and seminars on it across the USA.

He also offers online training programs so more people can learn about biomagnetism therapy. Hundreds of his students are now practicing it.

Dr. Kishore Kumar (General Surgeon)
Dr. Kishore Kumar (General Surgeon)
Dr. Kishore Kumar is a General Surgeon, Proctologist, Vascular Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon and Laser Specialist,

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