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What Every Member Must Know About Orangetheory’s Class Cancellation Policy

What Every Member Must Know About Orangetheory's Class Cancellation Policy

What Every Member Must Know About Orangetheory's Class Cancellation Policy

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is a popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout franchise with over 1,300 studios across the globe. OTF is loved by many for it’s heart-pumping workouts and enthusiastic coaches. However, one downside for members can be last-minute class cancellations. This article will take an in-depth look at OTF’s cancellation policy, including the reasons for cancellations, how members are notified and the impact on unlimited members.

Reasons Why Orangetheory May Cancel Classes

While disruptive, there are some valid reasons why your local OTF studio may need to cancel classes with short notice:

Instructor Unavailability

If a coach unexpectedly cannot make it to class, there may not be enough time to find a substitute instructor. Illnesses, injuries, family emergencies or other obligations can come up suddenly. Most OTF locations don’t keep backup coaches scheduled for every time slot.

Inclement Weather

Severe weather like blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms or tornado warnings may force local franchise owners to close up shop for safety. Natural disasters can happen quickly, making advance warnings tricky.

Emergencies/Unforeseen Circumstances

Freak accidents, power outages, HVAC system failures or other unanticipated issues can force last-minute cancellations. If equipment breaks down before class or the music/timing system isn’t working, coaches can’t lead a proper OTF workout.

Corporate Policy Changes

On rare occasions, OTF corporate may introduce Updated policies, class formats or nationwide initiatives that Studios need to rapidly adhere to. This can unexpectedly impact class availability across different locations.

Low Enrollment

To be cost-effective, most locations have minimum enrollment requirements for classes to run as scheduled. So if not enough members sign up, studios may have to pull the plug at the last minute.

How Members Are Notified of Cancellations

When classes do get cancelled, OTF franchises have standardized methods to promptly notify affected members:

Text Alerts

Once registered for a class, members should receive automated SMS text messages if it is ever cancelled by the studio or corporate. These alerts are typically sent out 60-90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You’ll get a text clearly saying “CLASS CANCELLED” plus the specific details.

Email Notifications

In addition to texting members, most locations also send cancellation email updates as a backup option. So check your inbox just in case if you were counting on an upcoming class running as planned.

Social Media & Website Updates

Many OTF franchises will also post class cancellation notices prominently on their Facebook page, studio website or other social channels. So members can check there too for the most up-to-date status alerts.

Studio Signage & Voicemail

You may also discover a cancelled class upon physically showing up at the studio, either via signage posted or a voicemail recording explaining closures. But the other digital channels should give you advance warning beforehand.

Impact of Cancellations on Unlimited Memberships

Class cancellations can be especially inconvenient for OTF members paying for unlimited monthly memberships, which usually average $159 per month.

Here’s a breakdown of how abrupt class cancellations affect unlimited members:

Disrupts Workout Habits

Frequent OTF members often plan their days around attending certain time slots every week. When a go-to class suddenly isn’t available, it interferes with established fitness regimens and routines.

Reduces Value for Money

Unlimited members expect access to workouts multiple times per week as part of their high monthly fees. So cancellations mean members aren’t fully benefiting from what they purchased packages.

Prevents Milestone Tracking

Avid OTF attendees use class performance metrics to track progress over time. If enough cancellations occur, it becomes harder to monitor improvements on key benchmarks.

Causes Scheduling Headaches

Finding convenient class times that fit around other obligations can already be tricky, especially for busy professionals. Rescheduling cancelled classes leads to more scheduling challenges.

Impacts Member Loyalty & Retention

Excessive cancellations resulting in the headaches above risks annoying long-time devoted members. This reduces brand satisfaction and the likelihood of retaining existing membersmonth-over-month.

Thankfully, most OTF locations seem to recognize this negative impact on unlimited members. That’s why many offer “late cancel” policies…

OTF’s “Late Cancel” Policy to Accommodate Members

Recognizing cancelled classes represent lost value for unlimited membership holders, most OTF franchises have implemented compassionate “late cancel” policies when cancellations occur close to class times.

The exact terms and conditions vary a little by location, but generally if classes are cancelled within an 8-12 hour window, members have a few options:

Book Another Class

If there’s another class open at your location within 24 hours, you can typically rebook yourself into it even if it is technically full. This helps accommodate your schedule.

Request a “Late Cancel”

As an alternative, you may be granted one “late cancel” past the standard 12-hour cancellation window with no penalty. This allows you to skip the late cancel fee if you’d rather just take the day off.

Receive a Credit

Some studios will automatically issue you a credit that can applied to retail purchases or towards membership fees at the studio. So the monetary value you lost from the cancellation gets redeemed in other ways.

Minimizing Disruptions from Last-Minute Cancellations

While irritating when they happen, class cancellations unfortunately remain a reality even at the best OTF locations.

Here are some tips to help reduce the headaches around any last-minute cancellations that affect your training:

Enable Push Notifications

In your MindBody account, turn on push notifications for class cancellation alerts. This will send timely pop-up messages to your mobile device automatically if cancellations occur. Don’t rely solely on emails or texts which are easier to miss.

Follow Your Studio on Social Media

Take 30 seconds to also follow your home studio’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and turn on notifications. This provides multiple channels where cancellation notices may be posted in real-time.

Plan Backup Workouts

Always good to schedule alternative high-intensity workouts for those times when OTF suddenly isn’t an option. This could mean hopping into a HIIT class at a different gym, doing an intense Peloton bike workout, sprinting up the stairs or going for a trail run.

Inquire About Make-Up Classes

Ask your studio manager if they offer complimentary “make-up” classes in the event of excessive cancellations one month. Some locations will arrange access to extra classes if computer glitches ever prevent you from pre-booking as expected.

By following these best practices, OTF members can dampen any major disruptions from unexpected class cancellations when they do arise. Stay flexible, take advantage of late cancel policies when eligible and rally those endorphins elsewhere if needed!


While frustrating when they happen, last-minute class cancellations are an inevitable annoyance that Orangetheory members must contend with. Valid reasons like weather emergencies, equipment issues or instructor illnesses can force even the best studios to abruptly scrap classes on short notice. Thankfully, OTF has robust notification systems in place across text, email and social channels to swiftly alert impacted members when cancellations occur. They also implement thoughtful late cancellation policies and credits to help offset the inconvenience for unlimited members.

As longtime OTF enthusiasts know, the magic happens inside those orange-splashed studios. So maintaining hometown studio loyalty is important even through disruptive cancellations now and then. With smart backup planning and by utilizing late cancel options, members can mitigate most of the scheduling headaches. Just be prepared to occasionally redirect that unbridled energy into a blitz workout elsewhere when needed! By staying flexible through life’s unpredictable moments, devotees can continue harnessing OTF magic for years to come.


What if I show up to a class that was cancelled without being notified?

If you show up to Orangetheory without receiving advance warning of a cancellation, speak to the front desk staff. They may be able to confirm if a text/email was sent and provide documentation for you to obtain a courtesy late cancel or studio credit.

Can I transfer my class to a different studio location?

The ability to transfer cancelled classes to other Orangetheory studios depends on your membership type. Basic memberships are home studio specific. You’d need to upgrade to a “Premium” or “Elite” membership to have inter-studio booking capabilities.

Is the late cancel fee waived if I have to cancel close to class time due to illness?

Unfortunately illness does not exempt you from Orangetheory’s late cancel fee policy if you cancel within 12 hours of class. As a courtesy during cold/flu season, some studios may occasionally grant one medical late cancel waiver with a doctor’s note.

If a class is full, how can I book into it if mine gets cancelled?

If your class gets cancelled, call the front desk staff as soon as notification goes out. As an unlimited member impacted by a cancellation, you typically get priority access to book into other full classes within 24 hours as a replacement option.

What if IT system outages prevent me from rebooking cancelled classes?

Major IT outages that affect the whole Orangetheory network are very rare. But if a system-wide issue did prevent rebooking, studios often issue courtesy credits, extend unlimited membership expirations or schedule make-up classes to satisfy members.

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