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The Peloton Referral Program: How It Works and How to Get the Most Value

The Peloton referral program allows existing Peloton customers to refer friends and family to purchase Peloton products and services. In return, both the referrer and referee receive rewards and benefits for participating. This article will provide an overview of Peloton’s referral incentives, including how the program works, it’s benefits, tips to maximize savings and answers to frequently asked questions.

How Does the Peloton Referral Program Work?

The Peloton referral program allows existing customers to share a unique referral code with friends, family members or colleagues interested in becoming new Peloton Members. For each referred customer that makes a qualifying purchase, both the referrer and referee receive rewards from Peloton.

Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Existing Members Get a Unique Referral Code: After activating your Peloton Membership, you receive a unique referral code to share with potential new Members. This code can be accessed through your account.
  • Share Your Code: You can share your unique referral code via email, text, on social media or other digital platforms. Every code is tied to the specific Member account.
  • New Member Uses Your Code: When signing up for Peloton, new customers can enter your referral code during checkout on Peloton’s website. This process links them to you for the referral benefits.
  • Both Parties Get Rewards After Purchase: Once the new Member makes a qualifying purchase using your unique code, both of you receive referral benefits automatically from Peloton. No further action is needed.

The referral code can be used across all Peloton products and services, including it’s treadmills, exercise bikes, accessories, apparel and All-Access Membership.

Referral Program Reward Benefits

The main benefits of participating in Peloton’s referral program are financial incentives for both parties. Here are the current reward offerings:

  • For the Referrer: You receive $100 in Peloton account credit each time a referee makes a qualifying purchase. This credit can be used sitewide on Peloton gear, accessories or Membership fees.
  • For the Referee: New Members get $100 off select Peloton Bike, Tread or Guide purchases over $1,895 when using a referral code.
  • For Both: On top of those rewards, for every 10 friends referred, you both get special limited-edition Peloton merchandise. Once hitting this milestone, additional goodies are sent automatically.

So in short, successfully referring new customers to Peloton allows existing Members to earn account credit for themselves, while also hooking up friends and family with big initial discounts. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.

Tips to Maximize the Peloton Referral Program

If you are an existing Peloton Member looking to take full advantage of these referral benefits, here are some tips and strategies:

  • Share Widely on Social Media: Post your Peloton referral code on all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Especially share in Peloton enthusiast groups and fitness communities.
  • Send Direct Emails and Texts: Reach out directly to friends, relatives and contacts that may be interested in buying Peloton products, letting them know you can offer $100 off with your code.
  • Refer Co-Workers: Many companies now subsidize fitness purchases for employees working remotely. Spread the word internally at your company about the discounts.
  • Use Referral Extensions: Browser extensions like ReferralCode and ReferralCandy help promote your code across the web automatically. Install these to increase visibility.
  • Offer Added Incentives: Consider offering an additional reward out of your own account credit to sweeten the deal for anyone using your code. This could entice more purchases.
  • Share Repeatedly Over Time: Continue posting and sharing your code long-term, monitoring your referral count dashboard. The potential earnings add up!

Taking a multi-pronged approach over an extended time period gives your Peloton promo code the greatest chance of going viral across your networks. Be diligent sharing it everywhere possible.

Additional Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Peloton Referral Code

As mentioned previously, it pays to be creative and persistent in promoting your unique Peloton referral code. You want as many friends, family members and contacts signing up as possible to take advantage of the financial rewards.

Beyond the tips already covered, here are a few other methods to consider:

  • Offer Small Giveaways Tied to Sign Ups: To entice more use of your code, you can offer entry into a giveaway contest for those who use it toward a qualifying purchase. Small prizes like gift cards or cash bonuses further sweeten the deal.
  • Post Flyers Around Your Neighborhood: Print out some basic flyers with brief details on the savings and perks available to new Members using your referral promo code. Hang these flyers on local community boards at gyms, stores, churches, libraries and other public venues.
  • Advertise on Rideshare Services: Small signs or handouts placed in Uber/Lyft vehicles get eyeballs from many potential customers. Offer referral perks to drivers too!
  • Partner Up with Local Fitness Studios: See if smaller independent gyms or studios want to cross-promote Peloton products to their clients using your code. Offer to split the earnings. This expands your reach.
  • Spread by Word of Mouth: Don’t underestimate old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing! The more you rave about your Peloton experience personally, the more interest you generate in trying it out.
  • Use All Available Digital Displays: Your screens and devices like smart TVs and tablets can continuously showcase your referral code visually around your home and office spaces where visitors frequent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a limit to how many credits I can earn from referrals?

No, there is no limit set to the amount of account credit you can build up from the $100 earnings per new referee purchase. Be sure to use your credits within 12 months though or the balance expires.

What exactly is a “qualifying purchase” from a referee?

Qualifying referee purchases include any Peloton Bike, Guide, Tread, accessory or Membership payment exceeding $40. So almost anything ordered from their site applies as long as over $40.

Do I need to be an active Peloton Member to refer new customers?

Yes, you need an active Peloton Membership attached to your account to be eligible for the referral program benefits. Both your account and Membership must be in good standing.

Can I use my own referral code to get the $100 off discount?

Unfortunately no. Peloton Members cannot use their personal referral codes to get discounts on additional purchases on their own account. The code only works to get benefits for referring new customers.

Is there a time limit for referred Members to make a purchase?

There is no definite expiration date on when a referred customer must complete their qualifying transaction. However, Peloton can extend or change program rules at any time without notice. Sooner is better!

Sign Up Today to Unlock These Peloton Perks

Becoming a Peloton Member not only allows you access to their incredible library of instructor-led fitness content. It also opens the door to generous financial incentives when you participate in their referral program.

Getting friends and family signed up with custom Peloton discounts earns you unlimited account credit for apparel, accessories, Membership fees and more.

So don’t miss out on these perks! Sign up, grab your custom code and start spreading the word today. Before you know it, you’ll discover the Outstanding benefits of being both a Peloton Member and brand advocate simultaneously!

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