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Northern Family Medicine: Convenient Care for Your Family Health

Northern Family Medicine: Convenient Care for Your Family Health

Northern Family Medicine: Convenient Care for Your Family Health

You and your family’s health must be your top priority. But it can be hard to find healthcare services that are both easy to get to and given in a timely manner. Novant Health Northern Family Medicine is available to meet all of your needs for primary care, which is good news. This Greensboro clinic at the end of Lake Brandt Road is dedicated to giving patients of all ages care that is both thorough and easy to get.

Primary Care That Covers Everything

At Northern Family Medicine, we care a lot about your health and the health of your whole family. The clinic offers a wide range of basic care services to meet the needs of a large number of patients. Their team of experts in health care is committed to giving you complete care, whether you need treatment for a specific illness, regular checkups, or preventive care in general.

Same-Day Sick Visits

Illnesses can come out of nowhere and it can be scary to have to wait several days to see a doctor. Novant Health Northern Family Medicine knows how important it is to provide care quickly, so sick visits can be scheduled for the same day they are asked for. Because of this helpful service, you’ll be able to take care of your health problems quickly, which will help you get better faster and spend less time away from your normal routine.

Flexible Appointment Options

Northern Family Medicine offers flexible appointment times because they know it can be hard to balance work, school and other responsibilities. They have appointments in the morning and in the evening, so you can get health care before or after your regular duties. This freedom makes sure that getting medical care doesn’t cause you too much stress or trouble, so you can put your family’s health first.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services Conducted On-Site

For accurate evaluations and effective treatment, you need to be able to get diagnostic and lab tests quickly. Northern Family Medicine knows this and has services for a number of tests right there on the premises. By getting rid of the need for referrals and outside meetings, the clinic makes it easier for patients to get the tests they need quickly. This makes the treatment process faster and more efficient.

Convenient Location

Novant Health Northern Family Medicine is located on Lake Brandt Road in Greensboro, making it easy for people from north Greensboro, Summerfield, Monroeton and Browns Summit to get there. The clinic’s strategic position between Plainfield Road and N.C. Highway 150 makes it easy for patients to reach their healthcare provider. Being close to important transportation routes like Interstate 840 and U.S. Highway 220 also makes the clinic easier to get to.

Approach that Is Focused on the Patient

At Northern Family Medicine, it is very important that the patient comes first when it comes to care. The doctors and nurses at the clinic will take the time to listen to your worries, learn about your health history and come up with a treatment plan that is just right for you. They put a lot of effort into building strong ties between doctors and patients so that you and your family can get the kind of specialized and caring care you deserve.

Network for Collaborative Health Care

As part of the Novant Health network, Northern Family Medicine has access to a wide range of specialists and tools. This teamwork-based approach to giving medical care makes it easier to refer patients and organize their care, which makes it more likely that patients with complicated health problems will get all the care they need. Because it has such a large network, the clinic is able to give people complete care that is based on their specific needs.


Novant Health Northern Family Medicine is a well-known leader among basic care service providers in the Greensboro area as a whole. They have set up a health care system that puts you and your family’s health and well-being first by putting an emphasis on giving care that is not only easy to get to, but also convenient and covers everything. Your health care needs will be met quickly and effectively at Northern Family Medicine, which offers same-day sick visits, flexible appointment scheduling, diagnostic tests on-site and a care model that puts the patient at the center. When it comes to your family’s health as a whole, you can trust that Northern Family Medicine will give your family high-quality care that is also kind and committed to your family.

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