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Lift Chairs Secrets: Why They’re the Best Investment for Comfort

Lift Chairs Secrets: Why They're the Best Investment for Comfort

Lift Chairs Secrets: Why They're the Best Investment for Comfort

Lift chairs, also known as power lift recliners, are a type of reclining chair that have a power lifting mechanism that raises and lowers the chair to help the user sit down and stand up. They provide assistance for those who struggle with mobility issues or have difficulty getting in and out of traditional chairs and sofas.

What are Lift Chairs?

A lift chair looks like a typical padded, overstuffed recliner but with electronic controls that smoothly lift the chair up from it’s base and gently tilt it forward. This makes standing up much easier compared to low, soft furniture.

Lift chairs come in many styles with a variety of features. Most provide ergonomic comfort and support similar to high-end recliners. Many lift chair companies offer a range of fabrics and colors to choose from to match your home’s style.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs provide many helpful benefits:

Assisted Standing

The power lift mechanism makes standing upright easier for those with limited mobility. Without a lift chair, sitting down low or getting up from a pillowy couch can be challenging for those with back problems, arthritis, muscle weakness or balance issues.

The lift function gently raises and tilts the chair forward allowing the user to slide their feet forward under them to achieve a standing position with less effort. The lift chair provides stability while standing before walking away.

Increased Independence

By enabling easier transitions from sitting to standing, lift chairs allow people to get in and out of a chair without relying on assistance from others. This helps maintain independence longer as mobility becomes more difficult with age or disability.

Reduced Risk of Falls

The lift chair’s stable structure and armrests provide support on the way up and forward. By slowly elevating, the change in position is less jarring. This decreases the chance of falls or injuries which could occur when struggling to stand up from furniture that is too low or soft.

Comfortable Resting Place

Lift chairs provide soft, supportive cushioning and ergonomic body positioning making them as comfortable as nice upholstered recliner chairs and sofas. Their cozy seating invites relaxation while reading, watching television or snoozing.

Improved Circulation

Keeping the feet elevated and legs uncrossed on a lift chair’s extender pad promotes good blood flow. Proper circulation is vital for reducing leg swelling and discomfort when sitting for prolonged periods.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are a variety of lift chair designs and features to provide different options to suit individual needs and preferences.

Standard Lift Chairs

This most popular style of lift chair looks like a classic residential recliner chair. It has overstuffed padded cushions, wide armrests and a high supportive back. It reclines fully to varying positions.

These chairs come in different sizes with a selection of durable fabrics like microfiber or faux leather. Most offer removable backs and seat cushions for cleaning convenience.

Lift Chairs with Heat and Massage

For maximum comfort, consider a lift chair with therapeutic heat and massage functions built into the chair’s lumbar back and seating. The added heat increases blood flow while the pulsating massage action helps relax tight muscles.

Lift Chairs for Small Spaces

If room size is an issue, compact lift chairs provide the same lift function but are smaller in width, depth and height. These lift chairs for tight spaces have a thinner profile with closer armrests yet remain comfortable while occupying less volume in your seating area.

Heavy-Duty Lift Chairs

Bariatric lift chairs provide sturdy support for heavier individuals up to 500 lbs. These heavy-duty lift chairs have metal lift mechanisms tested for increased weight capacity along with reinforced steel frames and durable fabrics.

Riser Recliner Chairs

A riser recliner chair runs along a track allowing the entire chair to slide up and tilt forward. This lift style places less strain on the knees during elevation. Riser chairs also recline fully for napping.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs

These high-end lift chairs allow for precision fine-tuning of the chair’s elevation and recline angle. Users can choose an exact degree of lift height and backrest tilt for customized comfort and support.

Lift Chair Features

All lift chairs may not offer the same features so compare when shopping various lift chair brands and models.

Power Options


Size Capacity

Ease of Use

Buying Considerations for Lift Chairs

If you’re looking to buy a lift chair, keep these key considerations in mind while you shop various brands and models. Identifying your needs and top priorities will help you select the best power lift recliner.

Your Height and Weight

When selecting a lift chair, it’s important to choose one designed to properly fit your body’s dimensions. First, measure your standing height as well as your seated height from the floor to the top of your head. Consult each lift chair’s size chart and recommended weight capacities, matching these to your measurements. Ideally the lift chair should accommodate your current height while allowing clearance overhead when fully elevated. Select heavier duty models if your weight exceeds 250 pounds. Choosing the right lift chair size ensures optimal comfort and support.

Physical Mobility and Dexterity

Assess your current mobility and dexterity needs as well as potential changes down the road when selecting lift chair features. Those with arthritis appreciate heat and massage options while injury recovery patients benefit from precise lift recline adjustments. If you require walker access alongside the chair, measure for adequate clearance space and accessible armrests. Also consider any impact vision loss or limited dexterity may have on manipulating controls. Identifying these needs allows customizing the perfect lift chair for your situation.

Placement Location

Consider the intended lift chair placement in your living space to choose an appropriately sized model. Measure the floor area to ensure ample clearance for full chair recline and elevation. Mark the exact spot and check behind for windows, art or lamps that may obstruct motion. Also identify proximity to power outlets or if installing new outlets is feasible. Careful room measurement ensures selecting a lift chair that functions properly and safely within the designated area.

Power Source Proximity

Ensure access to a 120V electrical outlet in close proximity to the planned lift chair location. Measure to confirm the outlet lies within the chair’s power cord length when positioned. If lacking an outlet, install a new grounded outlet meeting electrical code standards. Extension cords present tripping hazards so directly wiring the outlet is best. With power readily available beside the chair, you can reap all the benefits of heat, massage and lift technology worry-free.

Supplementary Features

When shopping for a lift chair, consider the addition of supplementary power features for enhanced benefits. Lumbar heat helps ease chronic back pain while multi-zone massage relieves full-body muscle tension. USB charging ports conveniently let you power devices from the chair. An adjustable headrest and moveable armrests provide personalized positioning comfort. These valuable extras boost overall chair usability so factor in any increased cost tradeoffs if such amenities will significantly enrich your lift chair experience.

Fabric Considerations

The upholstery fabric selection impacts your lift chair’s durability, ease of cleaning and replacement costs. Opt for stain-resistant, durable microfiber or faux leather if concerned about pets, incontinence or messy snacks. Delicate decorative fabrics require re-covering sooner while tougher materials withstand heavy everyday use. Check fabric warranties too and if removable back and seat cushions simplify cleaning. Choosing easy-care lifts chair fabrics ensures your chair looks fresh despite constant wear.

Budget realities

When budgeting for a lift chair, expect to invest $500-1500 for quality construction and reliable lift technology. Determine must-have features like heat, massage or unlimited recline positions first before simply defaulting to the cheapest model. Recall that your lift chair will undergo heavy repetitive use daily. Paying a bit more upfront ensures you get long-term durability, customized comfort and stable assistance standing over many years. Don’t underestimate a lift chair’s value helping prolong independence in your golden years.


When it comes to lift chair warranties, longer and more comprehensive coverage signals superior quality and durability. Here’s what to look for:

Carefully compare warranty terms between lift chair brands as greater protections offset higher upfront investments long-term. Comprehensive warranties demonstrate a manufacturer fully stands behind their lift chair quality.

Pros & Cons of Lift Chairs

Here’s a quick look at the main advantages and disadvantages associated with lift chairs.



Best Lift Chair Brands to Consider

1. Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is one of the most reputable and top-rated lift chair brands. They offer a wide selection of standard and specialty lift chairs with features like massage, heat and infinite positions. Their chairs accommodate taller and heavier individuals and provide smooth, quiet operations. Golden lift chairs undergo rigorous testing and the company provides excellent warranties.

2. Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility produces high-quality lift recliners providing customized comfort and support. They utilize quality steel framing and durable, easy-to-clean fabrics on their chairs. Pride lift chairs feature customizable adjustments and reliable lifting capacities up to 375 pounds. Their products are Made in America and backed by good warranties.

3. Med-Lift

Med-Lift specializes in reliable, made-to-last lift chairs providing assistance to those with injuries or mobility limitations. Their chairs deliver whisper-quiet, smooth power operation. Med-Lift offers fast shipping, excellent warranties and knowledgeable customer support. Their lift chair collection includes portable travel models and custom-made chairs.

4. Mega Motion

Mega Motion manufactures a lift chair product line called Easy Comforts designed specifically for larger-sized users. Their heavy-duty models provide weight capacities up to 500 pounds. Mega Motion lift chairs offer therapeutic features like adjustable lumbar and head support along with reliable stability and support.

5. Jackson Furniture

This company is lesser-known but produces quality lift chairs rivaling the big brands but at more affordable prices. Their chairs accommodate taller and wider frames and lift up to 450 pounds. Jackson Furniture offers quick personalization with a choice of fabrics and adjustable features for a custom lift chair experience.


How much do lift chairs cost?

Lift chairs range from $500 on the low end for basic models and up to $2,500 or more for larger sizes with more customization options, features and accessories. Most quality residential lift chairs average $800-$1500.

Do insurance plans cover lift chairs?

Some health insurance providers cover a portion of lift chair costs with a doctor’s prescription stating medical necessity. Veterans Affairs insurance often contributes funds as well. Check your policy for allowances towards home medical equipment purchases.

Do Medicare or Medicaid pay for lift chairs?

Original Medicare does not provide direct payment for lift chairs as a covered durable medical equipment benefit. Some supplemental or Advantage Plan policies have allowances so verify eligibility. Medicaid may fund lifts chairs through approved home health waivers in certain states if prescribed due to disability.

How much weight can lift chairs hold?

Standard lift chair weight limits range from 250 to 375 lbs. Bariatric models accommodate up to 500 lbs and even 650 lbs to meet heavier demands. Check manufacturer specs for precise capacities with heavier duty lift mechanisms, steel frames and reinforced stabilizing legs.

How tall are lift chairs?

Average lift chair back heights measure 33-36″ from bottom seat cushion to top of backrest for adequate head and neck support. Specialty Tall Man models cater to people over 6′ with extended back lengths around 40-42″. Given proportions, taller chairs may not lift as high off the ground.

What size lift chair do I need?

When seated, you’ll want 2-3 inches of clearance from edge of seat to the back of your calves. In recline position, verify ample length without feet hanging over and enough overhead clearance so the chair back/headrest don’t hit the wall. Measure your ceiling height as well as any room obstructions.

Final Thoughts

For older adults or those suffering from limited mobility due to disability or chronic health issues, a lift chair can greatly improve quality of life. Models packed with customizable features provide daily assistance along with luxurious comfort. This complete guide presented the key facts about lift chairs from available styles and buying considerations to pros, cons and helpful features. By carefully evaluating your needs, space parameters and top priorities, you’re sure to discover the perfect power lift recliner chair to enhance independence and relaxation in your own home.

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